Guest Blog Post: 8 Reasons Why Sleeping Less Makes You Productive At Work

Sunday 22 April 2018

We have all heard about the scientific stipulation of eight-hour sleep for an average adult to ensure optimal productivity. However, the truth is the world is sleeping less and less for many reasons, and most of them are economically related. Some people sleep for four hours which is enough to put your mind to rest and recovery; some people sleep even less than that. And apparently less sleep seems to work out just fine. In fact, most people are capitalizing on it to build productivity.

In this article, I’ve compiled eight reasons why people who sleep less are more productive than those who sleep more.

1. They don’t chase clocks

It’s simple arithmetic that sleeping less at night affords one more time on their hands. During the day we are all busy working, and in most cases, we tend to postpone and carry forward our activities and assignments to the next day when there isn’t enough time. If you are a night owl, then you can still get things done during the precious hours that most people are spending dreaming.
You must have noticed that people who sleep less have no problems carrying their work home. This gives them an edge compared to those who sleep more, and they stand a better chance of achieving more with their lives only because they have much more time on their hands.

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2. They adapt easily to circumstances

One interesting thing about those who sleep less is that they have higher rates of adaptability than their sleepy counterparts. The adaptability has a lot to do with their bodies’ ability to alter natural body clocks all the time at will to suit their needs. These people can easily adapt to any changes in their work settings, take on more hours or workload and still feel less overwhelmed.
Our natural body clock understands our needs and works with hormones to attend to those needs. This means it’s difficult to alter our sleep routine, but if we can, then this improves our ability to adapt easily.

3. Taking part-time jobs and activities

With the present economic difficulties, it’s not new to find people taking on more jobs and part-time hassles. However, it can become thoroughly stressful and problematic to juggle more than one thing if you have problems with staying up late. Life will not be short of miserable, and you may end up causing more damage than good.

4. Problem-solving

According to a study by an Albion College associate psychology professor, a tired mind can be more equipped in tackling certain tasks because of more creativity and less meticulous focus. The professor invited about 400 students to take tests scheduled at either morning or evening with the intention of seeing how a mind solves problems during both tired and sharp states. The research found that difficulties which require insightful thinking benefit a lot from a tired, hyper-creative mind. The mind categorizes different problems and finds a way of dealing with them differently. While analytical problems call for a sharper wakeful mind, insightful problems apparently do not.

5. Less stress

The main reason why people who sleep less show fewer degrees of stress compared to those who sleep more has everything to do with the productive use of their time. These people can manage their time well and consequently the quality of their work.
It is true that stress affects sleep resulting in insomnia and science has technically found a connection between stress and sleeplessness. But here we are talking about people who have managed to condition their bodies to sleep little; such a person usually has low-stress levels due to well-spent time.

6. They are fast-paced

The metabolism and general moods of a person who sleep less are pretty different from that of an average person who sleeps more because his body has conditioned itself into staying alert and fast-paced. These individuals talk fast, think fast and lead fast-paced lives.

7. They are driven

It is clear that people who sleep little are self-driven. These high achievers not only figured out that they do not require too much of sleep, but they also believe in goals and are squeezing in enough time to achieve those goals. This point brings us to the first point that they know how to get things done.

8. Better performance

Did you know that you can get more done at night than during the day? It’s because of the tranquility that mantles the world at night. Most things are asleep at night including your boss’ annoying phone call. This sense of peace inspires better work performance.


The bottom line is, cutting down a little of your sleep provides you with an advantage to doing the kinds of things you probably won’t find the time to do in daylight, opening up your mind to a world of possibilities while everybody else is asleep.

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