Bits & Bites #196 - Health: Cancer & Hemoglobin, Western Medicine and Blood Vessel Blockages

Saturday 20 January 2018

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Cancer Patients and Low Hemoglobin Level

There are many causes of low haemoglobin level. Cancer, medications and chemo drugs are known to lower haemoglobin count. Normal range for men is 13.5-17.5 g/dl and women is 12-15.5 g/dl.
However, a haemoglobin reading of 9 g/dl is not really a worrying level, unless it is severely causing the patient anaemia. It is more important to monitor the white blood cells levels especially lymphocytes and T-cells. Also, monitor the size and duration of survival of the red blood cells and platelet count. If they are all normal, there is nothing much to worry about. If they are not, then the patient has bone marrow issues. Such problems take time to repair and heal.

Iron, vitamin C, vitamin B and folic acid can help increase haemoglobin level. These vitamins and minerals can be found in Yung Kien Pollen. Eat a variety of normal diet that are rich in such nutrients. Eat more meat and chicken for iron. Kurma dates also have a lot of iron. Caffeine does not really affect haemoglobin level. It is okay to drink up to 2 cups CEO Cafe Coffee a day.
It can take up to 4-5 years to normalise the haemoglobin level. Take 4 sachets Jia Hor Soya Protein a day. It is very helpful to improve the quality of red blood cells.


Western medications have 2 main problems:

(i) The residual waste from the drugs have to go through the liver and kidney to be detoxed and converted into harmless substances. Hence, if you take medications for a long time, eventually your liver and kidney will be damaged.

(ii) Medicines cannot repair the body cells, so you can never get rid of the problem. You have to take the pills forever as they have no function to repair the cells.

How does Lingzhi work?

(i) Lingzhi protects and preserves the existing cells from dying. For example, it prolongs the lifespan of beta cells, which helps to prevent diabetes.
(ii) Lingzhi helps generate more new cells to replace the damaged or dead cells. For example, it generates more beta cells, which produces more insulin, which reduces blood sugar level.
(iii) Lingzhi cleanses the blood from being overloaded with excess sugar and lipids.


If drugs can clear the thrombus, blood clots and excess blood lipids, we will not need to do a bypass surgery. As an analogy, we do not need to construct a new road to replace the existing road if the drug has the ability to repair the existing road.
However, Lingzhi is able to repair that damaged road - it clears up the blockages in the blood vessels, thereby widening the narrow vessels and improving blood circulation as well as repair the damages on the blood vessels.


Another benefit of clearing blood vessels blockages - reduce the risk of getting cancer.
How? When blood vessels are blocked, the flow of blood also slows down. The white blood cells (which are the cancer fighting immune cells) also move slower. This means they take longer to get to the cancerous cells and gives more time for these cells to proliferate. Hence, the risk of cancer cells growing is higher.


If you take truckloads of Lingzhi, but without exercise, how are you going to get your blood circulating and flush the toxins out of your body?
If the toxins are stuck in your body, your health will never be good.

Cafe Bali
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