Bits & Bites #197: Business - If You Want A Better View, Climb Harder & Climb Higher (Why I Do Shuang Hor)

Sunday 28 January 2018

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Grand Kingdom
In doing Shuang Hor business, I need to have the stamina to endure the journey. Just like in mountain climbing, if I want to see a better view, I have to climb harder and climb higher - the view at the top will be worth the effort I put in now. I learn how to connect with people better, how to handle their responses, how to manage my expectations and don't let people jeopardise my belief that I can make it.


I did not quit Shuang Hor business when I faced challenges.
I continue to share with people who have rejected me.
I continue to improve myself and become a better version of myself.
I continue to believe that I can succeed in this business.


Shuang Hor's way of operating the business is still the same after 30 years.
So, you don't need to reinvent the wheel. Go back to basics and follow the success formula.
Continue to share what you learnt about health - your expertise and seriousness and how you carry yourself makes a lot of difference - people will be attracted to try your products.


To attract people into taking a look at your business, make them curious to find out what it is - the more time they spend with you, the more they will get drawn in.
Why is that? Because of your Being - your belief system, values, depth and substance.
How? Start by knowing yourself - what do you want in life. If you don't even know what sort of person you are, you won't be steady. You get confused easily and end up just following the herd to feel secure. On the other hand, if you know your goals, then you won't be easily swayed because you already know what's important to you in life. What people say won't affect you. When you exude that kind of confidence, people will sense you are different and will be drawn to you by your Charisma.


You need to go through a process to identify your true Desire. The process is found in Shuang Hor's teachings. Only then can you explain it to your friends. Then your friends can see that what they want can be found in Shuang Hor. And because of that, they won't leave Shuang Hor. It has become a part of themselves.

Be a master of your own life. You can only do that provided you Know Yourself.

Causeway Bay
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