Exclusive: Healing with Ganoderma: How Lingzhi Improves Gut Flora and Reduces Weight Gain

Sunday 19 November 2017

Ms Wu Tingyao is a news editor and from her interviews with experts on Lingzhi and her own research, she published a book titled Healing with Ganoderma.

This post is translated from a chapter in her book relating to how Lingzhi improves gut flora and reduces weight gain.

When you gain weight, the main issue is not so much that you don't look good. The more important thing is, if you are overweight, you will be at a higher risk of contracting all the modern illnesses/diseases. Excessive fats will trigger an inflammation reaction which will lead to insulin resistance. In other words, your cells become resistant to the insulin, meaning the insulin cannot open up the door of your cells for glucose to go in.

Because of that, we tend to have high blood sugar, high lipids, fatty liver, and accumulation of fats in our body. It becomes a vicious cycle, because when you have more accumulation of fats in your body, it leads to more insulin resistance, which leads to high sugar, fatty liver, etc and so on.

Therefore, maintaining a healthy body weight is very important in order for you to have a good health, not merely to look good. To do that, you have to remove the root cause of the obesity.

Lingzhi and High Fat Diet

In the 2015 June issue of Nature Communications magazine, 4 professors from the Cheng Kung University, Taiwan published their findings on the effect of how Lingzhi controls body weight. It was found that through the ability of Lingzhi to regulate the intestinal flora, it can reduce the mice's weight.


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