Bits & Bites #191: Testimonies - H1N1 Flu, Neurogenic Bladder, Appendicitis, Centipede Bite and Bleeding Gum

Sunday 26 November 2017

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Testimony: H1N1 Flu, Type A Flu and Pneumonia 

Ms R's 2 year old son has a weak immune system as he is always falling sick, almost once a month. One time, after 2 days of high fever, he was warded in hospital. The doctor confirmed he has H1N1 flu and gave him medicine. He also has Type A flu. Ms R fed him with 8 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma (YK1) + 3 sachets Lactoberry a day, divided into as many times as possible. She opened up the YK1 and mix the powder in his milk. For Lactoberry, she mixed it with a little room-temperature water and fed him separately. He was discharged 3 days later.

At the same time, Ms R's 6 months old son has been coughing for over 3 weeks and still had not recovered. He was hospitalised after 3 weeks. He has fever off and on. Doctor says he has pneumonia. There's a lot of phlegm in his lungs which he couldn't cough out. He vomited and was suffering. About 2 days after he was hospitalised, Ms R fed him half capsule YK1 each time, up to 2 capsules a day + 1 sachet Lactoberry a day. He was discharged after 1 week.


Testimony: Neurogenic Bladder

Ms A has a daughter who was born with a neurogenic bladder, a condition whereby she cannot empty her bladder completely. She can pee but cannot pee completely. As a baby, she was always falling sick but the doctors couldn't diagnose her condition. She always had throat infection. The parents could not understand that as a baby who is fed with good food, why would she be falling sick all the time? Eventually, just before she turned one, she was diagnosed with neurogenic bladder. The doctor said there was no cure as there was no bladder transplant. The infection will be recurring and eventually her kidneys will fail.

From the age of 2 -6, she was always having this recurrent problem. She underwent a minor operation at the age of 6 to stop all the infections.
From the age of 6-16, her condition was stable.
At the age of 17, all the infections came back. It was not known if it could be due to hormonal change etc. She decided to start feeding her daughter with Lingzhi because they had no other medications to turn to and they were really desperate for anything as they were told that her kidney function will fail earlier than expected.

After taking Lingzhi, she would still have occasional infections, but they occur far in between and the infections cleared very quickly without having to take any antibiotics. She was convinced that she found something that finally worked for her daughter.

Vertigo reactions: A lot of purging in the initial 2 weeks.

Ms A said that the doctors actually warned her daughter not to take Lingzhi because it would spoil the kidneys. But Ms A decided to continue feeding her daughter Lingzhi as the doctor does not have any other solution.

However, her kidneys have been damaged over the past many years so she is doing dialysis now but because of her youth and consumption of Lingzhi, she has no side effects from her dialysis. She doesn't catch cough, cold, sore throat or flu anymore since taking Lingzhi  She also managed to delay her dialysis for 1-1.5 years. So even though they did not manage to save her kidneys, Ms A feels Lingzhi has done her daughter a lot of good in terms of other areas of health.


Testimony: Emergency Acute Appendicitis

Ms M's friend felt acute pain at 2 am one Saturday morning. She was rushed to the hospital. The pain subsided somewhat after the painkiller injection and taking 5-6 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma before arriving at the hospital. However, after seeing the results of her blood test, urine test and scan, the doctor diagnosed her as having acute appendicitis and operation is the only option. But she did not want to undergo that operation.

Ms M advised her to take 40 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma. Even though the doctor forbade her to drink any water in preparation for the operation, she opened up 20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma which she quickly dissolved in the water and drink. After that, she passed out a lot of wind, then she felt no more pain. Nevertheless, doctor kept her in the hospital overnight. At night she consumed another 20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma. The next day, because there's no more pain, she was discharged.

It is amazing as this lady was already confirmed by the doctor that she requires operation for her appendicitis problem. But because of the consumption of high dose of Lingzhi, she avoided operation.
After discharge, she continued to take 20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma a day, over the next few days.


Testimony: Centipede Bite

Ms S said one evening she felt something crawling on her leg. When she hit it, she noticed a small centipede dropped off and quickly crawled away. She felt pain from the bite. She immediately applied some "kapur" remedy. When she called me the next day because it was still painful, I suggested that she mix a capsule of Yung Kien Ganoderma powder with Greenzhi Toothgel into a paste. She then applied the paste on her skin and let it be for a whole day. There was no more pain thereafter. She was very happy for my help and advice.


Testimony: Bleeding Gum

Mr C's friend, 51, suffers from bleeding gum problem. Her gum would bleed for quite a long time after brushing her teeth. She is also very sensitive to hot or cold food or drinks.
Just 1 week after she used Greenzhi Toothgel, her gum does not bleed anymore. She can also consume hot and cold food and drinks now.

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