Bits & Bites #195 - Business: Why I Choose Shuang Hor

Sunday 7 January 2018

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Every time I change to a new job, I am happy. But the happiness is short-lived. Then I would need to change job again. But as age catches up, it is tiring to start all over again and again. I put my heart and soul into every job I do, but I do not get the reward I deserve for my effort. I also do not get the long-term satisfaction. I can never be away from my office for more than 3 months without losing my job. I can never have time freedom as I still need to be accountable to the people I work with.
Until I find Shuang Hor Business.


Only by starting our own business that we can have more control of our resources and time. However, if we are from the employment background, we are not taught how to start a business. We also don't have the courage to do so. But what if we still want to be a businessperson?
Shuang Hor Business offers such a platform. What's more, this business does not only give me income but an opportunity to improve myself and also help many people. It is not easy to find such a combination. That is why I cannot let go of Shuang Hor. I have not found this combination in any other profit-making enterprise.


Shuang Hor business gives me the Faith that I can get to where I want to go and bring people to where they want be. Shuang Hor does not focus on purely money. When we simply focus on helping people, we will be rewarded, financially and in many intangible ways. If this business is just about making money (by hook or by crook), I would not be interested to explore this business and I certainly would not have stayed so long.


It is crucial that you make time to attend talks to find out about health and how Shuang Hor products work. Otherwise, when you are very ill, if I ask you to swallow 1 bottle of Lingzhi a day, would you dare to?


In doing Shuang Hor business, I look for ways to help people. I am happy as I have solutions for many problems. If you can share something and people feel that you care, you have connected. With positive thinking, I can attract people to me. I want to transfer information to them. In the process, I will bring my life to another level. Shuang Hor becomes a way of life for me.

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