Bits & Bites #194 - Business: Can You Give Your Family What You Want to Give in Your Current Job?

Sunday 31 December 2017

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What do you really want in life?
Just Money? Or Money + Time + Health?
What business can give you all the 3 elements simultaneously?
If you don't know, come take a look at what I do.


Some Tips to help you identify whether a company is a genuine MLM company or a get-rich-quick pyramid scam. When you see any of these points, be careful and do more research so you don't get conned:

1) The moment you sign up as member, you must purchase products / services.
2) Every month you must spend money to purchase products; otherwise, you won't be able to get any rebates.
3) There is a minimum amount you must purchase before you can enjoy leadership bonus.
4) You need to continuously find new consumers.
5) You are encouraged to stock-up.
6) The cost to be a member is high.
7) The value of the products is low but is sold at a high price.
8) The company does not put much emphasis on the products' safety and effectiveness.
9) The company is newly established.
10) The company does not place much importance in educating the consumers on the ingredients, functions and benefits of the products.


When I share my products and business with my friends, my intention is always for the person sitting in front of me - how my products and business can help them. Whatever I offer is from the sincerity of my heart.


What are your plans for the next 5 years?
What do you think you need in order to be a good child / parent / spouse?
Do you think you can get it and give it in your current work?
If not, come take a look at what I do.
Don't wait until it's too late before taking action.


Some tips on how to share your personal experience with Shuang Hor products:
  • Do not give up too easily when your prospects don't show interest in the products you are sharing. Your prospects may not need Lingzhi or those products that you think they need. Share other products - maybe that is what they actually need or are actively looking for.
  • You can start a chat with a stranger by giving a genuine compliment "You're wearing a very nice necklace. It looks so good on you. Where did you get that?" or "How do you take care of your health? Do you take supplements? Because you look so radiant". Be honest when you offer compliments.
  • You can say "My family and I have started taking Shuang Hor products which really benefited us in many ways. The core product is Lingzhi which help many people with serious diseases".
  • Have patience and continue to share the products and their amazing benefits. Sometimes people do not have the need yet or the timing is not right but when the need arises, people will think of you and your products and how it can help them.
  • Don't sell. Don't push. Listen to people. Catch their needs. When you see an opportunity, share. When the time is right, they will buy.
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