Bits & Bites #163 - Health: It Is Your Consumer Right To Know What Supplements You Are Taking

Sunday 5 February 2017

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Some people are born with weaker body base. After taking Lingzhi for sometime, the body base of these people will raise up / improve. They will no longer fall sick so easily or succumb to the illnesses that they used to have so often anymore. Over the years, their organs will be strengthened even though genetically, they are born with weaker body constitution.

In other words, the longer you consume Lingzhi, the more benefits you will experience.
During the short term, it's for you to quickly address the most urgent problem first. After that is settled, Lingzhi goes deeper and deeper to regulate your body and overhaul the whole system.
For example, it takes about 7 years for organic food to alter your whole system.
So be patient, health takes time to happen.


It's your Consumer Right to know about the ingredients, benefits, functions and safety level of the supplements / drugs you are taking. If you buy supplements from the pharmacy or medicine from doctors, you have no chance to find out more on what you're buying. There are thousands of products in the market. The pharmacists or doctors would not know how safe they are.
But if you buy from MLM companies, you have the opportunity to fully understand what you're taking. It is my responsibility to educate you. We have the information for you to understand more, e.g. How safe is it? Any side effects from long-term consumption? So take advantage of this opportunity.


There is a difference between consuming something that Cleanse your Blood compared to something that Thins your Blood.
If your blood is dirty (filled with cholesterol and fatty lipids etc.), taking a blood thinning drug merely dilutes your blood, but the fats and cholesterol are still there. In other words, your risk of getting a heart attack or stroke is still high because the problem is still there.
However, Lingzhi Cleanses your blood, by dissolving the clots and eliminating them out of your body. When your blood is clean, the blood circulation in your body is better, you will feel more energy and become healthier.


Even if you are not sure whether Shuang Hor Lingzhi can help cure your disease, at least it can reduce the side effects of all the medicines you take. Secondly, it is very safe. And there is no problem of overdose; no side effects. What do you have to worry about? Just give it a try.


Anything which  you eat that your body cannot digest / utilise and yet cannot be eliminated from your body - will cause some form of side effects.

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