Guest Blog: Tips for Maintaining Health and Wellness During the Holidays

Wednesday 7 December 2016

Image via Pixabay by Couleur
As the holiday season ramps up, it’s easy to get lost in the hustle and bustle. Between holiday gatherings, shopping, decorating and actually working, there isn’t much time left to tend to yourself. It’s important to plan ahead and make a point to devote time to self care. A few simple actions can allow you to stay healthy and well into the new year.

1. Set Limits

With so many obligations during the holidays, it’s easy to become overcommitted. Rather than succumb to the frenzy, prioritize what is most important. Set days for specific activities (i.e. baking, shopping, decorating) and only accept invitations that don’t overly complicate your schedule. And it’s always okay to say no. People will understand if you can’t attend every single activity or event.

By being proactive about your schedule, you can avoid the stress of having too much on your calendar.

2. Maintain Sleep and Exercise Schedules

Keep your regular sleep schedule to avoid being overtired. Too much lack of sleep can affect your immune system, making it easier for you to get sick if you are exposed to a cold or virus. Get a minimum of seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Additionally, if you have an exercise routine, don’t let it fall by the wayside because of other obligations. Keeping your exercise schedule is a great way to bust stress, and your body will be healthier for it. If you don’t currently have an exercise schedule, look for ways to add daily movement. Short walks or quick bursts of exercise can have a great affect on lowering stress and boosting your health.

3. Avoid Overindulging

Aside from making you feel miserable, overindulging can have an affect on your waistline.
But avoiding holiday treats and favorite dishes can be tricky. Rather than swearing off certain dishes, allow yourself to enjoy them but be sure to fill up on vegetables, lean protein and lots of water. Additionally, avoid overdoing it with the alcohol, or if you are in recovery, make a point to have a game plan to avoid the stresses of temptation during the holidays.

4. Stick To Healthy Habits

This is the time of year when it’s easiest to get sick. You are around more people in enclosed spaces, and there is more physical touch. Keep up with your handwashing hygiene, and try not to share food and drink with others. Getting enough rest, eating healthy foods and practicing good hygiene are great ways to avoid illness. If you do get sick, take time to rest, and stay away from other people so that you don’t pass anything along.

5. Make Time to Relax

Taking time to unwind has many health benefits. It lowers stress levels and boosts your mood. Give yourself ample time every day to take it easy. It can be anything from taking a bath to reading a book to meditating or practicing yoga. If you have trouble relaxing, try finding some relaxation techniques that will work for you.

6. Practice Generosity and Gratitude

One of the best mood enhancers, and one that’s especially in sync with the season, is doing for others. Volunteer at a food pantry, nursing home or children’s hospital. Look for ways to help your neighbors, or donate to a favorite charity. Additionally, a great way to boost your mental health is by practicing gratitude. Taking time to recognize what you have and what you are grateful for can really put your world in perspective.

By devoting yourself to a few or all of these suggestions, you’ll pave the way for a healthier and happier you this holiday season.

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