Bits & Bites #156 - Success: 8 Wealthy Mentalities of Successful People

Sunday 6 November 2016

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Success = 99% Attitude + 1% Skills + Massive Action

Here are the 8 attitudes to keep in mind to achieve Success:

1. Goals are golden

Goals provide direction. Otherwise, you may be very busy but there will be no progress, because you have nothing to pursue. There will be a lot of motion but no movement.

Put priority to your goals. When you set your goals, they must be challenging so they excite you.

Goals change at different stages in your lives. Nevertheless, with goals, you know what you are doing and where to spend your time.

Break down your goals to small chunks as it allows space for you to work on.
Make the necessary changes and sacrifices. Let go of something that is not priority so you can achieve your goals e.g. you may need to temporarily sacrifice going to the movies and shopping to give you time to work on your goals.
Monitor your progress closely so you can modify or amend your plans when you veer off track.

2. The future is more important than the present

Be willing to delay short-term enjoyment for long-term gratification. Adopt the right attitude and mindset. Look for ways to enjoy the journey. You may be sacrificing your TV time or eating cheaper meals or going for less holidays, but what you will gain in the long run is worth it.

3. Failure isn't a bad thing

Don't be afraid to fail. Take rejections as an opportunity to learn new skills or to find another road.

80% of the world lives a mediocre and complacent life. They are not happy because they don't achieve what they want. But they are either too lazy or don't know how to strive for it. It may not be just about money. There are many other things that people value.

Successful people = Contented people = Happy people.
These people work towards their goals and progressively realise their dreams. They have what they want, regardless how big or small their goals may be. So when they achieve that particular goal, they are considered successful, and therefore feel contented and happy.

4. Opportunities exist everywhere - look for them

Find opportunities in crisis. See the positive side of things. When you're facing obstacles and things appear hopeless, reprogram your mind and train yourself to be positive again. Success belongs to positive people.

5. Calculated risks are important

What are the potential risks you face when doing this business? The risk of being judged by others? Risk of losing friends? Risk of losing credibility? When you are new to the business, take your time to explore whether the business is doable. But the moment you decide to do, you cannot say you want to "try" anymore. You can't afford to have such mentality if you want to succeed. It is a risk, but after assessing, it is a calculated risk. So don't hold back anymore.

6. Consistently do the right thing

What are the key activities you must do consistently in this business?
- Learn
- Share what you learn
- Make new friends and maintain contacts

Shuang Hor is a "Shipping" business:
- Create new Relation-Ship
- Maintain old Friend-Ship
- Develop Leader-Ship

7. Nothing is ever perfect

It's only through practice that we become better.
Don't wait until you can do a perfect presentation before you go up to the stage to talk. Don't wait for the perfect time.
Benefits for "non-perfectionist" include:
- you worry less
- you are less hesitant and more decisive
- you procrastinate / delay less
- you won't be beaten up or give up easily

8. Work harder on yourself than you work on others

Change yourself first. Improve your own knowledge first. Make yourself likeable and be genuinely caring first. Your circle of influence will grow bigger.
If you want to change the world, Be The Change.

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