Bits & Bites #155: Success - Protect Yourself from Dream Stealers

Sunday 30 October 2016

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Begin whatever you want to do with the End in mind. 
This means think ahead and plan for what is the outcome you want to achieve.
Otherwise, you won't even know if you have reached your destination, because you don't know what you want.


Anything that you want to happen in your life, it must be made to happen intentionally. For good things to happen frequently in your life, you must have the Intention for it to happen. Otherwise, it is only a fluke and cannot be repeated. Coincidences don't happen again and again.


Define your Goals clearly. Ask yourself is it really important to you to achieve these goals. The goals must be for something important to you where you feel a strong intensity for. If you don't have clarity and strong purpose for your goals, then it doesn't really matter if you achieve them or not, right?
For example, why do you push yourself to attend seminars?
Because you want to learn; so it will enhance your effectiveness when sharing your knowledge with people; so you can achieve the result of closing your sales faster; so you will achieve your ultimate Goals.


Protect yourself from "Dream Stealers". Distractions we encounter everyday can cause us to lose our clarity and intensity for our goals. When that happens, re-visit those goals again. Re-ignite the fire inside on why it's so important to achieve these goals.


Success leaves a trail. Take note of what you did right to achieve that particular goal. Then only you can duplicate it for yourself and also to teach others how to do it. You will then be able to guide people by showing them that is how you did it. It can be repeated.

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