Exclusive: Practical Guide on How to Share Shuang Hor Business

Sunday 13 November 2016

You have tried Shuang Hor products and found them all to be excellent. You have excitedly shared your experiences with your friends and now you have a group of friends who are happily consuming the products and enjoying the benefits.

However, sharing products is not everything. You want to get people interested in your business as well. You know Shuang Hor is a Business that can bring you to your goals. So you want to build a team of leaders - like minded friends who are looking for opportunities and who can also see Shuang Hor as a vehicle to help them achieve their dreams too.

Listen to how these friends start to share business opportunity.

Case 1 
Every time after I attend meetings, I go home and share with my sister what I learnt from these meetings. It makes her curious about the meetings and how come I know so much things now. I said if she wants to know, come take a look for herself. So she started attending meetings and now she's actively doing the business.

Case 2
When I was renewing my passport, I met and got the contact of a stranger. During lunch, I shared the goodness of Shuang Hor products and gave her a sachet of Luchun Linghzi Tea to try. She got a lot of healing reactions and that made her curious how come just 1 sachet can give her so much reactions. I invited her to meetings to know more on the range of products. She organised a lunch for me to share with her friends and family members. She also organised a presentation (Home OPP) at her father's office. She now has a small network.


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