Dizigui - Our 3 Roles as Parent, Teacher and Leader

Wednesday 27 July 2016

Dizigui can be translated to mean Standards for Being a Good Pupil and Child, which emphasises the basic requisites for being a good person and guidelines for living in harmony with others.

Shuang Hor organises a 5-day Dizigui program every year, complete with meals and accommodation, for its business leaders. It is all Fully Sponsored. The office is closed for this entire duration. Which to me is pretty amazing - afterall, Shuang Hor is a profit-focused MLM company; not a charity organisation. Usually, the only courses organised by direct selling companies are how to make more money, they just care about the profits. But Shuang Hor is different. Shuang Hor is the only company I know that constantly emphasizes good values, doing business with integrity, and how to be a good person who benefits the society rather than merely another successful entrepreneur.

Here are some excerpts from the teaching, looked at in the context of Shuang Hor Business. Having a network of business partners under you essentially means you have 3 roles to play.. you are a Parent, Teacher and Leader to them.

What is the role of a Parent?

1. Protect and love your Downlines

Do all that you can to benefit your Downlines. Whatever that is good for them is good for you. Your intention should be to benefit your Downlines, not yourself.

2. Strong belief and trust in Downlines

When the trust is there, the bonding will be strong.

3. Never give up and never leave your Downlines alone

Don't abandon your Downlines. Forgive the mistakes they make.

4. Give unconditionally

Don't expect something in return when you offer help. Be sincerely grateful for being presented the opportunity to help.

What is the role of a Teacher?

1. Provide ethical education

Teach your Downlines to do business ethically and to practice good principles and morals always.

2. Inspire and empower

Never limit the abilities of your Downlines. If they think they can, they can.

3. Practical training

Learning is not only conducted in the classroom. On-the-job training is very effective, for instance conducting Home Meetings and organising 2 on 1 meetings.

What is the role of a Leader?

1. Be responsible and accountable for the success of your Downlines

(a) For consumers, make sure the products benefit them. Explain how the products work on them and follow up to help them overcome healing reactions.

(b) For those who want to do Shuang Hor Business, teach and guide them - you are the captain of the ship.

2. Leadership by example

Whatever you can't do, don't ask your Downlines to do. Be a role model. Otherwise, if your Downlines duplicate the wrong thing, your whole network will collapse. For example, no price cutting and no line snatching.

3. Integrity

Be fair to everyone. Treat all Downlines fairly - don't only favour those who earn more PV. There will be no peace if you're not fair to all.

4. Focus on Downlines' strength

Give tasks that are suitable to a person's ability. Grow Downlines from their strength. Don't focus on their weakness. Otherwise, they will lose confidence and give up. Don't feel jealous when Downlines perform better than you. Or else it will strain the relationship.

5. Accept criticism

If a person doesn't want to follow you or continue consuming, ask yourself was it something that you didn't do right? Reflect and learn from it. 
If you never see your mistake, you will never learn and progress. You will always blame others for your problem.

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