Bits & Bites #139 - Business: How You Earn Is As Important As How Much You Earn

Sunday 22 May 2016

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Your job is to teach people how to run a Business themselves. It's like teaching them how to open their own shops and outlets. They will know how to operate a business independently after putting in 2-5 years of effort and starting to earn a stream of Passive Income.


It's not how much income you earn; but it's about How you earn this income.
If at the peak of your productivity you earn RM10,000 a month, it is considered a good income.
But when you're retired at the age of 70 and you can still earn RM10,000 a month, it is considered very, very good. Shuang Hor is a business that can give you this.


Shuang Hor Business is about building a Network, not just selling Lingzhi. Having said that, we distribute very good products. Lingzhi is just one of them.
It's the process of doing Shuang Hor Business (building the network) that will give us the Strength and Resources to face life and handle the challenges that come our way, be it in terms of Financial, Health or Family crisis.
We are calmer, we know what we should do and what are our options, because this business would have taught us Wisdom and Good Values.


Focus on your customers' needs:
1) What do they want to achieve when they buy your products.
2) What is their budget and can it help them achieve what they want.


What sets Shuang Hor apart from other MLM / businesses is the company's Values.
Shuang Hor constantly teaches us that first, we should learn how to be a good person. Then only learn how to conduct the business.


Are you Hungry enough?
If Yes, keep on trying until you get a Yes. Go all out to reach out to your consumers / prospects to try your products. Be creative in proposing your solutions. 

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