Bits & Bites #134 - Success: How to Set Effective Goals

Sunday 17 April 2016

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Benefits of Goal Setting

Setting goals give you direction. The most important thing about goal setting is the growth - how much you have gained / transformed and the person you become at the end of the journey.
Your income growth is proportionate with your personal growth.
To Have more, you must Become more.
To change the results in your life, you must change your thoughts.


In general, anything that develops too fast will fall apart very quickly.

Slow and steady development is more assured of giving good results.
Focus on sowing for the long term rather than fast results.
In other words, growing your business and income takes time. It takes time to build a solid foundation. Be patient and be persistent.


Some Stumbling Blocks of Success

  • Hindered by past disappointments and hurt. Learn to discipline your disappointments. Manage your downtimes until you can say "I have no time to feel down."
  • Lack of confidence and have a lot of self-doubt. Your mind must be strong. Failing once or twice doesn't mean you will never succeed.
  • Lack of focus is a thief that steals your dreams away. If you're always distracted, your tasks will never be completed.
  • Having the habit of quitting too soon. Be patient. It takes time and perseverance to reach your goals.

Q. How long shall I strive for my goals?
A. As long as it takes, if the goal is so important to you. Don't quit too soon.


Guidelines on How to Set Effective Goals

1. Evaluate and reflect on where you are now. Are you happy? Are you ok with what you have now or do you aspire for something bigger?

2. Define your goals. Be specific.
Allocate quiet time to think deeply about what really thrills you. Prioritise which goals are more important to you.

3. Be S.M.A.R.T. about it.

S - Specific - ambiguous goals give ambiguous results.
M - Measurable - your goals must be quantifiable.
A - Attainable - achievable.
R - Realistic - be practical but must still be challenging.
T - Timeframe - when must you realise it.

4. Accountability - find someone to share your goals with so you won't shirk away. This person will also encourage and support you in your journey.

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