Bits & Bites #131 - Business: Can I Show You A Way To Earn Extra Money With Integrity?

Sunday 27 March 2016

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Go Noodle
In recent years, the cost of living has increased tremendously, including increases in petrol prices, toll rates, cost of daily essentials, milk powder etc, as well as cost of food in restaurants. This has caused many of us to incur credit card debts. Are you affected?
Would earning another RM2,000 / month help you manage your debts and supplement your cost of living?
Can I show you a way how to earn this money? You don't need to pay thousands of dollars to attend How-To seminars. I will give you personal guidance and coaching free of charge. There is no hidden costs.


Are you suffering from sinus allergy? Or skin allergy? Or are you a hepatitis B carrier? Or do you suffer from diabetes? Have you been told by doctors that you need to take drugs or steroids for a long, long time?
There is a way you can reduce or even stop taking these drugs which cause you side effects and burden your liver and kidney with toxins. Can I show you?


If you want to be successful, you have to do certain things that are out of your character and that makes you uncomfortable. When you face rejections or failures, you learn and you breakthrough and you grow tougher. You will find out that things you thought you cannot do - You actually Can.


Money can be made anywhere. It is the process of making this Money that is important. I don't lose myself and compromise on my integrity just to get rich. I want to design a life that is meaningful. I want to be compassionate and touch people's lives and make a positive difference to them. I don't want to be a slave for Money. Shuang Hor is a business that allows me to have such a life. I have chosen the right business.


What is the Power of Duplication?
Assume you are still working full-time. After work, you diligently spend 2 hours/day to work on your part-time business to earn extra income. Now imagine if you have introduced 4 friends to this business and they also do the same thing as you - each spending just 2 hours a day talking with their friends over dinner.
This is called Duplication. Your Duplication process has helped you to increase your working hours by another 8 hours/day. You have increased your productivity level by another 4 times and you earn so much more money, by still putting in 2 hours/day.

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