Bits & Bites #130 - Success: Be Willing To Do Things That Are Not Comfortable

Sunday 20 March 2016

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What is a Breakthrough?
It's a Goal you achieve after overcoming obstacles.
Achieving a Breakthrough comes with Stress and Fear.
The question to ask yourself is - is achieving that Goal or Dream from the breakthrough worthwhile to do?
If No, it's not even worth your attention.
If Yes, then push yourself through your discomfort and break through - because it will be worth it.


Without the Breakthrough of yourself and your old habits, you can't achieve your results.
You need to just do it, go through it, don't think too much and worry too much about the results. You just need to do your best.


A harmonious / blissful world starts with our own mind / heart / thoughts.
If you can "fix" yourself, you will be able to change the world.
The outer world is a manifestation of the inner world. Your thoughts create the world you live in today. A positive life starts with a positive thought.


For people who have been doing the same job / business for a long time, treat everyday like it's your first day in the job / business. This mindset gives you a feeling of excitement and purpose to work hard and strive for your goals.


It's so easy to be lazy.
Most of us choose the easy way out. It's human nature.
The first step is to admit it. Admit your laziness is stopping you from moving forward. If you don't think it's an issue, you won't improve on it. That is the first step to success. Be willing to do things that are not so comfortable.

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