Bits & Bites #94 - Business: Tips on How To Do Effective Servicing

Sunday 14 June 2015

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Goon Wah
To be of Service to others is an act of the Heart.
If I want to grow Shuang Hor Business, I need to master how to service effectively.


When I meet up with you, it's not only to take orders. I'm really there to get to know you better. I'm there to offer solution when you're seeking for something. I'm there to give some answers. I'm there to let you know that no matter what, somebody will be there to help you out. I may not have all the answers, but I may be able to point you to the right direction.


Effective Servicing simply means this:
  • Follow up and Follow through. Follow up with the people you have spoken to, don't just stop there. Do what you have committed to do.
  • Do what you say. If you tell the person you're going to call him, please call. This reflects on You - how reliable you are and if people can trust your words when you talk about your products and business.
  • Leverage on tools (books, magazines, uplines, testimonies etc.) because we are in the industry of duplication. Leveraging on the right tools when doing servicing is important so the person knows he's not going through the experience (eg. healing reaction) alone.
  • Invite your consumers to come for meetings and trainings, to activate them to explore the business. From there they will gain more in-depth knowledge of the products they are taking and see benefits from referring friends. Probably some business leaders may appear.

Although Shuang Hor Lingzhi is a top-notch product, when a person has not tried any of our products, the first determining factor is our Service. Without providing good service, the person that we want to attract to try our products or attract into the business will not be able to see it. Because the only person they see is you, if they don't go for any meetings or trainings. You are the representative of the Products as well as the Business. 


This is how I got attracted into Shuang Hor business myself. Because my upline was very good with her service. I didn't feel like I was pushed to buy anything. I was given the space to make my own decision and it was an informed decision, i.e. it was knowledge-based. I know that this person is really here to educate me and I ultimately will be able to gain from the products. It's also through her service that I understand and see what this business is about. It's not about Selling. She was very good in building that trust and relationship. From her, I got a very good experience of what Shuang Hor is about. Without her good service, I won't be able to see this business. I may not even want to walk into this meeting room. But through her service, and her attitude in building that relationship and trust, my mind and heart is open to explore this business.

When we go to service our friends, we should also have a plan for them. If they benefit from the products so much, they may want to learn how to get some pocket money back. That was how I was attracted to the business. Effective servicing is an activity that will differentiate us and Shuang Hor company from other MLM companies. Without good service and the heart to want to benefit others, there's not much difference between a salesman and a person who's working in the service industry. 

Goon Wah
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