Bits & Bites #95 - Success: Develop An Attitude That Is Independent of Circumstances

Sunday 21 June 2015

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Double Claypot
Live a Life that you Don't Regret.


Results v. Activities
If you focus on Results, your brain will find ways to achieve it. When you already lock-on to the Results, the activities needed to be done to arrive there is nothing.
But if you focus on Activities, you will feel very tired as all you see are a lot of hard work and you will give up.


Your environment and the people you associate with moulds you into who you become.
A monk who visits nightclubs everyday for 3 months will soon give up his monkhood. 


Gratefulness is the attitude that helps us to be Successful and yet Humble.


Goals are something you Attract.
NOT something you Pursue!


How to be Competitive Successfully?
Know your Strength and play with them.
Know your Weakness and minimise them.
Know your Competitors and beat your most difficult opponent. 


In whatever career path you choose, develop an Attitude that is Independent of Circumstances if you want to achieve great Success. 

Do what you're supposed to do and what you've committed to do. Attend that meeting regardless that the traffic is bad. Deliver that product regardless that it's raining. Go visit your customer regardless that you're feeling lazy. Don't give yourself excuses.

Double Claypot
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