Bits & Bites #61 - Business: What Are the 4 Treasures That Only A Genuine MLM Business Can Give You

Sunday 7 September 2014

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Ong Lai
Why should you consider exploring MLM Business?
  • To realise your dreams e.g. you can take off on a 1-month holiday without worrying about work and your boss.
  • To secure your future e.g. your children can study anywhere and choose whatever course they want and you can afford to give it to them.
  • To provide consistent income e.g. after you have retired and are too old to work, you will still have a steady flow of monthly income.
  • To upgrade your lifestyle e.g. you want a bigger car, that latest handbag or treat your family to the newest restaurant.

As an Employee, your Income has 2 characteristics:
  • the income growth is generally linear, as opposed to exponential.
  • there's an expiration date where your income will stop the moment you can't work anymore.
In other words, You ARE the Money Making Machine.
Venture into a business where You OWN the Money Making Machine.
What business? MLM Business.


If you want to achieve your success through MLM Business, look for a Genuine one:
  • It should Not be a get rich quick scheme.
  • It should be Ethical and can last many years.
  • It should have distributors who conduct the business Professionally.

A genuine MLM Business provides an Opportunity for you to:
  • own your own business
  • leave a legacy
  • enjoy passive income right through your old age.

Genuine MLM Business is very fulfilling, because Your Success is built upon the success of your Business Partners. You cannot achieve success by taking advantage of others. Instead, you can only become genuinely successful if you sincerely help your friends to achieve their own success.

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