A Quick Guide on Nutrition - Micro-Nutrients and Principles of Healthy Diet

Wednesday 4 June 2014

Your body needs a combination of macro and micro nutrients in order for you to do your daily activities and make sure all body organs are working properly.

In order to have sufficient Macro-nutrients, you need to eat a combination of these food groups every day:
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At the same time, your body also needs Micro-nutrients. These nutrients are needed only in tiny amounts but are essential for healthy functioning of all your body systems. They include Vitamins, Minerals and Enzymes.

These micro-nutrients, particularly enzymes, are easily destroyed by heat and many people are deficient without realising it.

Functions of Enzymes
  • Digests food and converts food (carbohydrates, protein, fats) into usable nutrients for building body cells.
  • Help store sugar in liver and muscles.
  • Breaks down fats into fatty acids and protein into amino acids.
  • Helps eliminate carbon dioxide from lungs and toxins from body.
  • Supports immune system.
Principles of a Healthy Diet

Here are 8 tips to remember when deciding what you should put into your mouth everyday:

a) Select foods that are wholesome, natural, fresh and unaltered, as much as possible.
b) Eat more plant-based foods - like fruits, vegetables and legumes.
c) Eat foods that are uncontaminated, whether from the use of pesticides or cooked foods that are left out in the open for too long.
d) Eat a wide spectrum of foods, from all food groups. Also eat a wide variety of food within each food group.
e) Eat a mixture of raw and cooked foods.
f) Increase consumption of foods that are high in fiber.
g) Eat the right kind of fat, not empty calories that only taste good.
h) Eat foods that are lower on the food chain, meaning more plant and less meat.

Having said that, natural foods can still be compromised and therefore can negatively affect your health. Here are 8 reasons how that happens: 

1) Soil depletion
2) Use of pesticides
3) Genetically modified food
4) Food irradiation to maintain freshness
5) Commercial processing of food
6) Storage and transportation
7) Home storage of food
8) Cooking of food

*Click here* to read the whole story. So you can see that eating food alone is no longer enough to keep you healthy and disease-free. Health supplement is essential to achieve a Healthy Body.

How do you choose a Good Health Supplement?
The 2 most important criteria are the product must be Effective and Safe.

As Jim Rohn says - Take care of your Body. It's the only place you have to Live.

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