Bits & Bites #47 - Testimonies: GoEco Liquid Detergent and All Purpose Cleaner

Sunday 1 June 2014

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T Restaurant
Testimony: Shiny Utensils and No More Foul Smell from Pipes
Ms C has been using the GoEco All Purpose Cleaner to wash her plates and utensils regularly. After some time, she noticed that her utensils and sink look more "polished" than in the past when she used other brands of dish-washing liquid. It is because of the natural biodegradable enzymes in the All Purpose Cleaner that over time, slowly makes her utensils and sink look more "shiny".
Further, she occasionally used to get a foul smell coming out of her sink (caused by some blockage in the piping system after many years of use). But now, after using the All Purpose Cleaner, she notice the foul smell has lessened a lot


Testimony: How to Clean Very Oily Surface with Less Effort

Ms C uses the GoEco All Purpose Cleaner to clean her kitchen hood after cooking. It can get very oily and is very hard to clean. So what she does is dilute 1 part All Purpose Cleaner into 3 parts water and spray it onto the oily surface. She leaves it there for 15-30 minutes to allow the cleaner to do further work to breakdown the the dirt. After that, she can easily clean it without too much effort to scrub it off.


Testimony: How to Save Time and Water while Mopping Floor

Ms C uses the GoEco All Purpose Cleaner to mop the floor of her house. She pours just 1 cap of the Cleaner into 10 liters of water. She said that she just need to mop 1 time would do, without having to rinse the floor with a second round of water. There is no sticky residue. So it saves her Time and also saves Water.


Testimony: How to Protect Your Clothes When Washing

Ms C washes her clothes with GoEco Liquid Detergent. The formulation contains biodegradable enzymes. She likes it because it's very natural and doesn't destroy or corrode her fabrics, including undergarments and babywear. 
Heat will destroy the live enzymes in the Liquid Detergent, making it less effective.  So when she machine washes her clothes, she does not use hot water. She noticed another benefit. At the same time as keeping the enzymes alive and doing a more effective cleansing job, not using hot water prevents her delicate fabric from becoming less elastic and hence, can last longer.


Testimony: 5 Benefits of Washing Clothes with GoEco Liquid Detergent

A lady who uses GoEco Liquid Detergent to wash her clothes noted the following benefits that she didn't get when using ordinary detergents:-

1) Her clothes last longer as they are not subject to a lot of heavy scrubbing. The dirt is easily dislodged by merely soaking the clothes before washing
2) The color of her clothes stay on better because the detergent uses natural biodegradable enzymes (not harsh chemicals).
3) She doesn't need to use fabric softener, so she saves money and time.
4) Sometimes when there's no sun or she couldn't get direct sunlight when drying her clothes, there is no weird smell. Her clothes still smell natural and fresh.
5) She finds it easier to iron and fold clothes that are washed with GoEco Liquid Detergent.


Testimony: Slimming Undergarment and Detergent

Ms S has a friend who has invested a lot of money in some slimming garment. She has to purchase a special detergent costing more than RM100 to wash the garment. Ms S suggested she tries GoEco Liquid Detergent, which costs half the price. Her friend is very happy as GoEco is able to protect the quality of the garment - it does a very powerful cleansing job and is safe to use as it doesn't leave residual traces of chemical.


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