Bits & Bites #6 - Health: Modulation and Acidic Body Constitution

Sunday 14 July 2013

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Harum Manis
The "On" button of a switch must always be accompanied with the "Off" button for the switch to work properly. Likewise, for our body to be healthy, there must always be Balance. Each of our body's organs have 2 opposite actions which will keep our body in equilibrium, provided both are functioning as they should. Anything that's too Much or too Little will put our body out of balance and cause us illnesses.

Confused? This comparison below will explain better:

Lung :              Contraction v. Relaxation
Heart :             Contraction v. Relaxation
Kidney :           Diuresis v. Anti-diuresis
Hormone :        Estrogen v. Testosterone
Cells :              T-helper cell 1 v. T-helper cell 2
Pancreas :        Insulin v. Glucagon
Thyroid :          Hyper v. Hypo
Blood vessels :  Dilation v. Constriction
Liver :              HDL v. LDL
Bones :            Osteoclast v. Osteoblast
Cells :              Mytosis v. Apoptosis
PH level :         Alkaline v. Acidic

Modulation is the key for Health.
Want to know what is the simplest way to modulate ALL of the above?
Take Yung Kien Ganoderma.


Lingzhi has the backing of over 2,000 years of History.
Yung Kien Ganoderma has the backing of Government certifications and independent accreditations.
This means our Lingzhi is able to deliver on the promise of taking care of your Health, and doing it Safely and with No Side Effects.


People with acidic body constitution very commonly will feel heaty when they take Lingzhi. Toxins are hidden in your body organs. Lingzhi causes it to be "dug out". Your bloodstreams become dirty and hence you feel uncomfortable.
Simply drink more water and Luchun Lingzhi Tea to flush out the toxin. Cut down on your consumption of meat.


Is Shuang Hor Lingzhi effective for all diseases and problems?
Yes, provided
  • Dosage is sufficient.
  • Duration is long enough.
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Have an awesome day!