Creative Ways to Use Leftover Tea Leaves

Thursday 14 March 2013

Tea-lovers look forward to their cuppa tea because it helps relax their mind and relieve stress. Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea is extra special, because it gives you these additional benefits..

1. Lower Uric Acid Level
High levels of uric acid can cause gout or kidney stones problem. Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea has been known to help flush out the toxins and cleanse your blood.

2. Expel Oil From Oily Food
For people who like to eat a lot of fried and oily food, when they drink this Tea at the same time, they can pass out some of the harmful oil during their bowel movements.

Another outstanding point - Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea is Free from Tannin. This means you can still sleep comfortably even when you drink it at night.

Dosage to Consume
Simmer 4 sachets of Tea in hot water for 5 to 10 minutes. Drink continuously throughout the day.
Alternatively, you may boil the Tea to bring out the fragrance. Let it cool down and you can continue to drink it the next day.

Now, you have enjoyed every last drop of the soothing Tea.
What do you do with the leftover tea leaves? Wait, don’t throw it away!

Here are some Creative Ways you can use Lu Chun Lingzhi Tea leaves..

1. Sensitive / Allergic skin
Use the leaves to gently rub against your skin to sooth the discomfort. For small children with allergic skin condition, bathe them with warm water mixed with the leaves.

2. Fertiliser
Remove the leaves from the tea-bags and sprinkle them around the soil of your plants and flowers.

3. Swollen eyes
Gently compress the tea-bags against eyes which are puffy or swollen. It’s very soothing and can help calm down the discomfort.

4. Pets
For dogs or cats that tend to fall sick (if they got caught in the rain etc.), feed them with leftover leaves mixed into the pet food. Their immune system will be strengthened.

5. Others
A 5-year old girl’s vagina used to get rashes and itchy after she pass urine. Her mother mixed the tea leaves with warm water and used it to clean her vagina. It effectively relieved the itchiness and redness.

And many more..

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