Guest Blog: Amazing Facts You Might Not Know About Fruits and Vegetables

Saturday 24 November 2012

Fruit & Vegetable Box

Fruits and vegetables are pretty amazing. You might not think about it when you receive your vegetable box delivery, but isn’t it incredible how so many healthy nutrients can be packed into these tasty foods which grow naturally on trees and in the ground?

Numerous studies have shown that the more fruits and vegetables you eat regularly in your diet, the healthier you are. Increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables in your diet not only helps you to lose weight, but it can also prevent disease, improve your skin and hair, manage your appetite, give you more energy and help you look more attractive. Those are plenty of great reasons to order lots of healthy fruits and vegetables.

There are so many different types of fruits and vegetables; each one with their own blend of beneficial effects on the human body. Some of the veggies and fruits are good for the heart; others are beneficial for the skin or eyes. The trick is to eat a wide range of produce so that you will get as many benefits as possible from the different types of fruits and vegetables. 

How well do you really know your fruits and veggies? There are some pretty amazing facts out there that you probably don’t know, such as:

  •  The humble blueberry contains more antioxidants than any other fruit or vegetable in the world. They also will not ripen anymore after they are picked, so make sure that you pick them when they are soft, deep blue and juicy.
  •  Darker green vegetables contain more vitamin C than lighter green vegetables.
  • Eating an orange every day will actually help to improve your digestion, because citrus fruits such as oranges actually have a lot of fibre in them. It has also been proven that the scent of a fresh orange will improve your mood, so drink a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice if you are having a bad day and you will feel better.
  • You have probably called a cluster of bananas a “bunch” for your entire life, but do you know that it is actually called a “hand”?
  • Believe it or not, pumpkins are actually fruits. Their name comes from the Greek word meaning large melon. Order some pumpkins in your vegetable box delivery so that you can make delicious pumpkin pie or a pumpkin smoothie.
  • There are many examples of fruits and vegetables which look like the body parts that they are beneficial for. For example, a tomato is red and has four chambers just like the heart and is excellent for heart health. Kidney beans have been proven to help with kidney function and their shape resembles that of the human kidney. Onions actually look like the cells of the body and they help to clear waste materials from the body cells. A sliced carrot looks like the human eye, with a pupil, iris and radiating lines and science shows that carrots improve the function of the eyes.
  •  There are over 7,000 different types of apples grown all over the world.
  • Do you know that before reusable water bottles were invented, explorers and travellers used to carry watermelons to keep themselves hydrated on long journeys? Watermelons can be heavy, so it must have been quite a challenge to carry them around with them.
  • Many people don’t realise that strawberries are not actually a berry at all; they actually belong to the same family as roses. They are also loaded with vitamin C as well as potassium. Eat some fresh strawberries for a delicious and healthy boost!
  • In an emergency, coconut water can be substituted for blood plasma, due to the fact that coconut water possesses the perfect PH level and is also sterile.

These are just a few amazing facts that many people don’t know about fruits and vegetables. The next time you order these fresh produce in your vegetable box delivery, think about these interesting facts and how amazing fruits and vegetables can be.

Author: Carlo Pandian is a freelance writer and blogs on technology, food and drinks covering everything from vegetable box delivery by Milk & More to latest healthy products such as bee pollen.

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