Ovarian Cancer: The Deadliest Gynaecological Disease

Friday, 30 September 2011

Do you know that ovarian cancer has the highest mortality rate of all female reproductive cancers?
This is partly because of a lack of early symptoms and an effective screening test. So it's often diagnosed at advanced stages when the cancer has spread beyond the ovaries.

Here are some myths and facts about ovarian cancer that could save both your life and the lives of your loved ones, as sourced from The National Ovarian Cancer Coalition (www.ovarian.org) and National Cancer Institute (www.cancer.gov/cancertopics/types/ovarian).

FALLACY: The Pap test can diagnose ovarian cancer.
TRUTH: A Pap smear is used to diagnose cancer of the cervix (the opening of the uterus), but not other cancers of the female reproductive tract.

FALLACY: Ovarian cancer has no symptoms.
TRUTH: Symtoms are not specific and often mimic other diseases. They include:
- pelvic or abdominal pain, discomfort or swelling
- bloating and feelings of fullness
- persistent gas
- nausea and indigestion
- frequency or urgency of urination in the absence of an infection
- unexplained weight gain or loss
- ongoing unusual fatigue
- unexplained changes in bowel habits

FALLACY: Ovarian cysts and ovarian cancer are the same thing.
TRUTH: Most ovarian cysts are not cancerous (i.e. benign). Cysts may be found on the surface of an ovary or inside, and contains fluid. Most cysts go away with time.

FALLACY: There are no diagnostic tests that can be used to detect ovarian cancer.
TRUTH: Even though no reliable screening test exists, annual vaginal exams to feel for abnormal swelling and tenderness, transvaginal sonography and a blood test to determine the level of a tumor marker called CA-125 are all used to help determine the need for a CT scan, X-rays and tissue samples from the ovaries.

FALLACY: There are no known risk factors for ovarian cancer.
TRUTH: Risk factors include:
- personal or family history of breast, ovarian, endometrial, prostate or colorectal cancer
- increasing age
- unexplained infertility
- no pregnancies or very late pregnancy
- no history of oral contraceptive use
- taking high-dose estrogen without progesterone

FALLACY: Ovarian cancer does not run in my family so I can't get it.
TRUTH: All women are at risk for ovarian cancer. Only about 10% of cases are hereditary.

FALLACY: Taking birth control pills increases your risk of getting ovarian cancer.
TRUTH: Studies show taking the pill over a number of years actually decreases a woman's risk of getting ovarian cancer. Other things that may reduce the risks include:
- having one or more children, particularly if the first is born before age 25
- breast feeding
- tubal ligation and hysterectomy

FALLACY: Ovarian cancer has no cure.
TRUTH: If ovarian cancer is detected early and treated properly, the 5-year survival or cure rate is 90%. However, only about 1 in 4 cases are diagnosed before the cancer has spread. Late diagnosis has a significantly lower survival rate of only about 29%.

I cannot emphasize enough that Effective Prevention is absolutely crucial.
Please click on this link to learn more about a natural solution of how to prevent ovarian and other types of cancer - take Lingzhi / Ganoderma.
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Is The Consumption Of Fibre Effective In Managing Overweight Problem?

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Yes it is. Specifically, I'm talking about Jia Hor Fibre. Here's why..

It is a mix of natural dietary fibre that gives a refreshingly lemony taste that is easy to drink. It is a wonderful food supplement for people suffering from weight problem, or those wanting to drop more inches.

The Soluble dietary fibre is helpful in reducing the rate of digestion and getting rid of cholesterol. As such, it contributes to controlling the levels of blood sugar and cholesterol in our body.

The Non-soluble fibre helps promote peristalsis in our stomach and intestines. As such, it plays a vital role in eliminating excessive fats and body toxins.

As the dietary fibre is capable of enhancing the feeling of satiety and decreasing the intake of fats and calories, it is great news for somebody who wants to lose weight.

Ideally, Jia Hor Fibre (click here for the 8 compelling reasons) is recommended to be consumed in combination with Jia Hor Soya Protein, to ensure adequate replenishment of protein, for efficient metabolism, reduction of the build-up of body fats, and maintenance of normal physiological functions (respiration, coordination, excretion, circulation, and reproduction).

(Source: Shuang Hor Magazine, Issue 4, July 2011)

Don't take my word for it. Drop me an email at laifuiping@gmail.com to try it for yourself. Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price. I am an Authorized Distributor of the company.

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What is Vertigo Reaction - Some Facts and Figures

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

A main function of Lingzhi is to normalize our body constitution by helping our body to detoxify. As a result, when we take Lingzhi, we will experience a healing reaction known as "Vertigo Reaction". 

This happens when toxins are being dissolved and discharged from our body, and the causes of diseases are being eliminated. Our body will go through a period of discomfort before it becomes better. This is actually a concept in Chinese medicine.

This vertigo reaction is often misunderstood as side effects. However, it is simply a result of Lingzhi's effectiveness in performing its function. The reactions will be different for each individual. Not everyone will experience vertigo reaction, as it depends on the amount of toxins in our body that are being eliminated.

In general, a person who has a hypersensitive constitution, or who takes large amounts of chemical drugs will experience such reactions more easily. The symptoms may range from increased bowel movements, fever, rashes, blood pressure variations to greater fatigue etc. However, these are NOT side effects. When you persist and continue with consumption of Lingzhi, the symptoms will disappear soon. So do not worry. The discomfort is only temporary.

Some facts & figures on Vertigo Reactions
  • 9 out of 10 people who consume Lingzhi may have these reactions.
  • Patients who experience vertigo reactions will have faster results from Lingzhi, while people who do not will have slower recovery.
  • Length of vertigo reactions vary from 2 to 5 days (light reaction), to 7 to 30 days (severe reaction).
  • If the reaction is serious, reduce the dosage or see a doctor to relieve the symptoms first, then continue to consume until the reaction subsides.
  • Some may experience the reaction 3 to 10 days after beginning treatment with Lingzhi. Some may have the reaction 2 to 3 months later.
  • The reaction may recur, unless the disease has been completely cured.

(Source: Ganoderma (Lingzhi) - A Miraculous Herb, Double Crane Enterprise Co. Ltd.)
Please email me at laifuiping@gmail.com if you want more info.

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Love Your Heart So It Can Love You Back

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Do you know that the US Department of Agriculture recommends that healthy adults take no more than one teaspoon of salt a day if they want to protect their hearts? World Heart Day is held on the last Sunday of September yearly to inform people about cardiovascular diseases which kills 17 million people a year.

Risk factors for heart disease and stroke include:
  • high blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels
  • smoking
  • insufficient intake of fruits and vegetables
  • being overweight
  • physically not active

How to reduce high blood pressure?

i) Cut the salt
- Minimise the amount of salt when cooking.
- Don't add more salt while eating.
- Eat fewer packaged foods, including canned, frozen, baked or dried foods.
ii) Regular exercise
Improves blood flow through the body and helps you to maintain your ideal weight.
iii) Reduce stress
Reduces the release of hormones such as adrenaline, which in turn reduces the strain on your heart.
Also, check out this post on how my friend successfully reduces his reliance on high blood pressure medication using Lingzhi and Pollen.

5 Tips to Prevent Heart Disease

When putting stuff into your mouth, bear these advice in mind:
1. Limit the consumption of unhealthy fats and cholesterol e.g. butter, cheese, fatty meat.
2. Choose low-fat protein sources e.g. skim milk and skinless chicken breasts. You can supplement with Jia Hor Soya Protein Powder. Click the link.
3. Eat more vegetables and fruits.
4. Choose whole grains, which are good sources of fibre that play a role in regulating blood pressure and heart health. You can supplement with Jia Hor Fibre. Click the link.
5. Reduce the sodium in your food.

(Source: StarFit4Life, 25 September 2011, Energise your heart)

Or you can email me at laifuiping@gmail.comClick here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.

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The Top 5 Functions and Benefits of Soya Protein

Monday, 26 September 2011

You probably know that our body needs protein, lots of it, which is why your mother nags you (and now you nag your kids) to drink more milk, eat more meat, eat more eggs etc.

In my earlier post, I shared why Jia Hor Soya Protein makes such an excellent source of protein supplement for our daily requirements.

Do you know what are the roles and importance of protein to us? Read on to find out why Jia Hor Soya Protein is so unique, and what are its functions and benefits..

1. Function: Consuming sufficient protein helps promote the growth of healthy cells, for our skin, bones, muscles, hair, eyes and all our other body organs.

Benefits: This will help us maintain a strong and healthy physique.


2. Function: Jia Hor Soya Protein provides high quality protein food with high absorption rate of up to 95% and assimilation of nutrients.

Benefits: It gives us a smoother skin texture and more radiant complexion. Jia Hor Soya Protein is quick and easy to consume and gives us instant energy. It is great for the elderly and vegetarians.


3. Function: Promotes brain cell growth and improves our memory.

Benefits: It helps us to be more alert and focused and delay the degeneration of our brain cells. Jia Hor Soya Protein is very good for a healthy baby brain development.


4. Function: Repairs our body cells and re-constructs damaged tissues of organs and glands.

Benefits: It improves our gastric condition and repairs our stomach lining. It prevents stretch marks for pregnant ladies. For people who have just undergone surgery, it helps in the rapid healing from surgical wounds.


5. Function: Helps remove fats and cholesterol in our blood vessels.

Benefits: This results in a healthy cardiovascular system and improves the elasticity of our blood vessels. Jia Hor Soya Protein is excellent to help achieve an ideal body shape and weight. It is very effective to reshape our body figure after pregnancy.

Please click on this link for more info on Jia Hor Soya Protein.
Email me at askfuiping@gmail.com if you want to buy. I am an Authorized Distributor of Shuang Hor.
Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.

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How Does Nutritional Supplements Prevent Cancer?

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Dr. Ray D. Strand is an American who graduated from the University of Colorado Medical School. He has been actively practicing as a doctor for the past 30 years. 

He is the author of a book titled "What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You". His rather unconventional view is - the best defense against developing any degenerative diseases and pre-mature aging is the body's natural defense system, not the drugs he prescribes.

Please spend 2 minutes to read this excerpt from his book:

"Nutritional science offers us the greatest hope in our fight against cancer and several other degenerative diseases. They not only help prevent cancer but may actually enhance the traditional chemo- and radiation therapy. How can the process of building up the body's natural defense be bad? Shouldn't physicians want their patients to be as healthy as possible, since cancer treatments are going to put patients under the greatest stress they have had to endure in their lives?

Natural antioxidants and their supporting nutrients are the ideal chemo-preventive agents for many reasons. They
  • limit and even prevent the free-radical damage to the DNA nucleus of the cell.
  • provide the proper nutrients needed for the body to repair any damage that has been done already.
  • are safe and may be taken over a lifetime. (Pharmaceutical drugs do not share this advantage. Tamoxifen, which has been shown to decrease the risk of breast cancer, has very serious side effects.)
  • are relatively inexpensive.
  • provide the best defense against further advancement of cancer.
  • protect the body against oxidative stress that chemotherapy and radiation create.
  • embellish the cancer-fighting ability of chemotherapy and radiation.
  • inhibit the replication and growth of the cancer.
  • have been shown to cause tumor regression in some instances.

We cannot deny that the effectiveness of traditional cancer treatments has reached a plateau. Oncologists and radiation therapists must become more open-minded about antioxidant use in their patients. As researchers seriously consider the use of multiple antioxidants at optimal levels, cancer prevention and treatment may well be revolutionized. In the meantime the research that is presently available supports the use of antioxidants in all stages of chemo-prevention and cancer therapy."

Related article:  http://naturalhealthandbeauty101.blogspot.com/2011/09/what-your-doctor-doesnt-know-about.html

What sort of nutritional supplements prevent cancer?
My solution - take a combination of Lingzhi (good source of antioxidants) and Pollen (natural nutritional supplements).
Please email me at laifuiping@gmail.com to buy.
Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company's website for Product Description and Price.

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10 Vital Reasons Why You Should Choose Jia Hor Soya Protein

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Protein is the fundamental unit of life. It can be found in every single cellular tissue of the human body. Protein is the most important ingredient our body needs after water, as it’s needed everywhere including our skin, eyes, cartilage, muscles, and our bones. In this respect, ensuring adequate replenishment of protein is by far the most rudimentary approach to preserving our health.

As many of us tend not to consume enough protein from our daily meals, choosing a good protein supplement is crucial. What are the attributes of a good protein supplement?

(1) A great source of protein are those extracted from soya beans. Being at the beginning of the food chain, plant-based protein has higher energy level and is easier to digest (unlike animal-based protein, which tend to have higher toxin build-up).

(2) The protein is isolated i.e. the purine, allergen, cholesterol, fibre and fat substances have been removed. What is left is only the pure amino acid protein. As such, Jia Hor Soya Protein is safe for people with kidney problem, gout and excessive uric acid problems, won’t cause allergy and does not contain sugar, cholesterol etc.

(3) The isolation process uses natural enzymatic method, instead of using  chemical extraction (which may be more harmful for the body) or heat extraction (which produces lower protein content).

(4) Jia Hor Soya Protein contains lecithin, which is good for development of brain cells, minimize hypertension, speed up metabolism, expedite digestion etc.

(5) Jia Hor Soya Protein is in amino acid form, hence can be easily absorbed by our body (up to 95%). This is unlike sources of protein from milk powder/meat, which need to be broken down first.

(6) It is very safe – no additives and preservatives are added and it does not cause allergic reaction to people with soy allergy. As it does not burden your kidneys, you can consume up to 6 sachets a day without worry.

(7) Jia Hor Soya Protein is convenient to consume as it comes in individual sachets - easy to pack for travels.

(8) It is hygienic and its freshness is maintained as it does not get oxidised because of its individual packaging instead of in a big container.

(9) Jia Hor Soya Protein is of high quality and it has many benefits (refer to this website called The World's Healthiest Foods for the very, very long list of benefits). It is very good for pregnant mothers, vegetarians, people with gastric problem, recovering from surgery, suffering from constipation, ladies who crave for beautiful radiant complexion and to prevent breast cancer.

(10) Finally, value for money in view of all the benefits above.

Please contact me at laifuiping@gmail.com if you want to buy Jia Hor Soya Protein to experience for yourself its benefits.
Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.

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Body Detox Program With A Difference - My Personal Experience

Thursday, 22 September 2011

A cleansing and detoxification program is a series of steps taken in order to actively enhance the elimination of toxic wastes from your body that are creating, or have the potential to create bothersome symptoms and disease. 

Going by that definition, I can say I had never seriously embarked on any detox program in my life. I mean, it's a great concept. But the idea of having to refrain myself from my favourite "sin" food and worse, "forced" to take a whole bunch of "good-for-you", boring stuff and on top of that, having to change my sleeping habit and exercise regime etc for an extended duration, just totally put me off. What makes it even more complicated is there're different programs for different purposes, e.g. for the colon, or for the liver, or for the kidney etc etc.

Until I came to know about this particular Detox Program. It only takes 2 minutes a day. I don't have to change my lifestyle at all (unless I want to see greater, faster results). The only requirement was I had to be disciplined and incorporate this 2-minute habit for 3 to 4 months, twice a day. So I thought ok, sounds easy enough, I especially liked the "carry-on-your-life-as-usual" bit.

I got started. All I had to do was to take 10 capsules of Yung Kien Lingzhi and 4 sachets (20 capsules) of Yung Kien Pollen, each time on an empty stomach, twice a day. As simple as that. Seriously.

What does it do? 

That simple routine is actually a comprehensive detox program and addresses all the important areas of internal cleansing, including purifying our blood, detoxing the liver, cleansing the kidneys and bladder, detoxing heavy metals, stimulating lymph drainage, strengthening our immune system and of course giving our entire digestive system a very good clean-up.

This is also a Health Scanning Program. Because during this time, our body will give us an advanced warning signal of certain ailments in our body that would normally not give us any symptoms until it's too late. It could be a cyst in the breast, aorta valve enlargement, pre-cancerous growth in uterus etc.

How did it go for me?

Thankfully, nothing catastrophic was detected. I got some signals that my liver was not so good. I was very very tired and my body and hands were hot/feverish for awhile. Toxins were pushing their way out through various channels - more trips to the toilet, pimples on my tongue, more discharge and phlegm. I braved through a bout of thorough respiratory system cleansing due to the damage caused by pneumonia in the late 90s. I endured and these detox reactions soon went away.

Since then, I haven't had a sore throat in ages. I have now built up a much stronger immune system. I recovered much faster from the cold I caught recently. I feel a higher energy level for my daily activities and sleep more deeply. My complexion is clearer. I most definitely have a smoother bowel movement now. And great news - I don't suffer from horrible menstrual cramps anymore!

At the end of the day, is the detox discipline and effort worth it?
To me, a resounding Yes!

If you want to try this Detox / Health Scanning Program, please email me at laifuiping@gmail.com to buy the package.
Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.

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The Checklist for Constipation and the Case for Dietary Fibre

Do you know what are some tell-tale signs of people lacking in dietary fibre and has constipation problem?

Here's the Checklist:
(i) Suffers from constant headache, caused by dirty, "muddy" blood flowing in their body.
(ii) Suffers from bloated tummy.
(iii) Feels lethargic. When our blood is dirty, it circulates slowly, and hence is slow in transporting oxygen and nutrients to our cells, resulting in lower energy level and tiredness.
(iv) Has bad breathe / body odour. When our colon is jammed, the toxins in our body finds other ways to exit, through our mouth and our skin pores.
(v) Facial congestion. People who have pimples / acne around their chin area are likely to suffer from constipation problem. Our skin is another avenue for toxin elimination.
(vi) Fails the stool quality test. A normal healthy stool should have the following characteristics: 
Density - float instead of sink.
Colour - golden yellow.
Shape - like a banana.
Size - 1 to 2 inch in diameter.
Smell - almost odourless.

What is dietary fibre? 
It is the portion of the plant foods that cannot be digested by our body. It is divided into 2 main components:

1) Water Soluble Fibre
This is the gel-like substance in plants such as what you see in lady's fingers and papaya as well as oats and barley.
Function: act like a sponge to absorb the excessive sodium, sugar or fats from the food we consume.
As such, it is able to prevent diseases like high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes and heart disease.
2) Non-water Soluble Fibre
This comes mainly from green leafy vegetables like spinach, the skin of corns and tomatoes as well as wheat.
Function: promote peristaltic movement of our intestines.
Therefore, it is able to prevent constipation, piles and colon cancer.

Why is it important?
If the food we eat is not passed out after 4 to 5 hours, it would accumulate in our intestines and form stubborn plague that line our intestine walls. What happens then?
1) It would interfere with the absorption of nutrients by our small intestines and the absorption of water by our colons.
2) Bad bacteria would grow, causing the feeling of gassiness and bloated stomach condition.
3) If this condition persists, it may lead to cancerous diseases.

How much fibre is required?
On average, the dietary guideline recommendation is about 25g to 35g per day, roughly about 25 to 30 green apples with skin intact. This differs for males and females, age, and how active is the person. For details, refer to this site.

In our modern-day lifestyle, most of us are unlikely to achieve this requirement from our daily diet. And hence, a good fibre supplement is extremely important to meet that objective. 

I highly recommend Jia Hor Fibre. If you want to know what are the compelling reasons why you should choose Jia Hor Fibre to do the job, check out this post.

To buy, email me at laifuiping@gmail.com.
Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.
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8 Compelling Reasons Why Jia Hor Fibre Is So Unique

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Most people look for fibre to regulate their bowel functions. How many of us know that fibre is also very effective to maintain a healthy blood sugar level and reduce our cholesterol/triglycerides level?

Jia Hor Fibre is able to deliver all of that because:

1) It contains lingzhi extract, a functional food that helps our body to restore its natural bodily functions and enhances absorption of food, water and oxygen. For people with colon problem, the lingzhi helps them gain back their colon function.

2) Jia Hor Fibre contains non-water soluble fibrewhich takes care of constipation problem and helps with weight management.

3) Jia Hor Fibre also contains water soluble fibre, which adheres and absorbs fats and toxins as well as stabilize your blood sugar level, hence preventing high blood pressure and diabetes problems.

4) The source is from 100% natural plant based dietary fibre extracted from corn, beans and oat. There is no laxative in the formulation, which is very important as long term consumption of laxatives would sweep away the villi (the tiny finger-like protrusions from our intestinal walls), making it difficult to control our bowel movement in future.

5) The taste is very pleasant with a lemony flavor. The texture of the formula is good as it doesnt get clumpy and coagulate quickly.

6) Jia Hor Fibre is safe as no preservatives is added in the formulation. Even little kids, pregnant ladies and mothers who have just given birth can take it with peace of mind.

7) Consumption is convenient as it comes in individual sachets, making it easy to pack for travels. The individually-packed sachets also make it more hygienic and freshness is maintained as it doesnt get oxidised.

8) Jia Hor Fibre is value for money as it is multi-function offering many benefits, instead of single function for example only to address constipation problem.

If you like to enjoy a box of Jia Hor Fibre, please email me at laifuiping@gmail.com to buy.
Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.

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What Your Doctor Doesn't Know About Nutritional Medicine May Be Killing You

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Have you heard of Dr. Ray D. Strand, M.D.? Neither have I. 
Until my good friend lent me this book.
It's truly an eye-opening piece of work for me.
According to Dr. Ray Strand, America's doctors are trained to treat disease with drugs. But they are not trained in the most powerful tool for our health, which are nutritional supplementsDrawing on extensive research culled from over 1,300 clinical studies in well-known medical journals, Dr. Strand revealed the critical role that nutritional medicine plays in slowing the aging process and reclaiming health, even after the devastation of illnesses such as:

Allow me to quote some of the key points from this book:-

Page 8, "After reviewing medical research studies, I have absolutely no doubt that my patients who take high-quality nutritional supplements have a health benefit over those who don't."

Page 13, "...physicians routinely perform pap smears, mammograms, blood work, and the physical exam primarily to see if any silent diseases already exist in their patients. What has been prevented?
...If we are going to label something preventive, then I believe it should actually prevent something. I strongly suggest that true preventive medicine involves encouraging and supporting patients to take a threefold approach: eating healthily, practicing a consistent exercise program, and consuming high-quality nutritional supplements."

Page 29, "Every medication I prescribe causes increased oxidative stress in the body. Chemotherapeutic drugs and radiation therapy primarily work by creating oxidative stress damage to the cancer cells, which kills them. ... The increased oxidative stress also causes collateral damage to normal cells."

Page 37, " In the chapters that follow, I will lay out the medical evidence that shows how you as an individual can improve your antioxidant defense system by eating a healthy diet, exercising moderately, and taking high-quality nutritional supplements."

Page 50, "Physicians want to know beyond any shadow of doubt that an particular nutrient will help before they will go on record to recommend any form of nutritional supplementation. But they are missing the all-important synergistic effects of nutritional medicine. 
...This refers to the way antioxidants work together. To halt oxidative stress, the body needs enough antioxidants to handle all the free radicals, and the antioxidants need all of the supporting nutrients to do their job well."

Page 79, "The good news lies in the fact that medical research is beginning to support the idea of supplementation with a mixture of antioxidants and supporting nutrients. This mix can actually enhance traditional chemo and radiation therapy while at the same time protecting normal cells from toxic effects."

Check out his book for the full details. Or if 204 pages of fine words put you to sleep, Dr. Ray Strand's website gives a great summary on his Concept of Nutritional Medicine: http://www.raystrand.com/nutritional-medicine.asp

If you are wondering where to find a good source of antioxidants to delay your aging, please click here now to find out the secret of how to delay aging.
As for where to find a complete, natural nutritional supplement, you may want to check out this article on expert findings on bee pollen.

Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price. Email me at laifuiping@gmail.com to buy.

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The Secret Of How To Delay Aging - Antioxidants

Monday, 19 September 2011

We have a love-hate relationship with oxygen. It is necessary but at the same time dangerous for our life. 

In the process of utilizing oxygen to create energy, our cells also create a by-product called free radicals.  Free radicals are charged oxygen molecules that are missing one electron and needs to snatch another electron to "balance up".  If it is not neutralized by an antioxidant, which has the ability to give this free radical the electron it desires, it can go on to create more volatile free radicals, damage the cell wall, vessel wall and even the DNA nucleus of the cell.

Because of our stressful lifestyles, polluted environment, and over-medicated society, our generation deals with more free radicals than any previous generation. Once the quantity of free radicals surpasses the limit of our body's natural defense, oxidative stress results, causing us to age and fall sick.

How do we prevent oxidative stress and delay aging? 
By increasing our body's level of antioxidants, and enhancing our anti-oxidation capability. Our blood already contains some anti-oxidative chemical substances, which are these enzymes:
  • Glutathione Peroxidase (GSH Px)
  • Glutathione Reductase (GSH Rd)
  • Superoxide Dismutase (SOD)
  • Glucose-6-Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G6PD)
  • Catalase
This multi-enzymatic anti-oxidation system is our cells' fundamental defense system for clearing free radicals.

What if our body's natural antioxidants are not enough or cannot cope?
We seek external help. I recommend Ganoderma (Lingzhi) as the solution.

Is there any evidence to prove ganoderma/lingzhi can do the job to delay aging and prolong life?
In the book, Ganoderma The Ultimate Herbal Medicine, Chapter 6, Dr. Deng-Hai Chen summarizes the findings of various researches:

Animal Tests
  • The Senescence Accelerated Mice (SAMP8) lived one-fifth longer after being fed with ganoderma throughout their lifes.
  • Both the Oxidation Index and Biochemical Index showed that the anti-oxidation capability of the SAMP8 mice from the ganoderma group was raised.
  • Mice fed with ganoderma had liver cells with better anti-oxidation capacity and a higher cell survival rate. They exhibited better learning and memory capabilities due to milder damage to the hippocampus (brain nerve cells).
Human Tests
  • In a double-blinded cross-over trial for Human Clinical Trial, the volunteers took 12 capsules (2.7g) of ganoderma per day for 6 months. It was found that ganoderma strengthens the overall anti-oxidation capability of both their plasma and red blood cells, and reduces the oxidation condition. There is significant increase in the activity of the enzymes SOD, G6PD, Catalase, GSH Px and GSH Rd. The red blood cells could live longer, work better as oxygen-carriers and possess a better ability to remove carbon dioxide.
  • Further human clinical trials indicated that the ganoderma group felt more energetic and their mental condition improved. Volunteers with fatty livers experienced improvement after 6 months of taking ganoderma.
From the above, there is a strong case for people who take ganoderma/lingzhi for an extended period, to show fewer signs of sickness, feel lively and enjoy a longer life.

In a nutshell, a simple and convenient solution to delay aging is to take lingzhi regularly. For more info or if you want to purchase lingzhi, please email me at askfuiping@gmail.com.
Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.

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Pollen, Honey, Royal Jelly, Multi-Vitamins - Which is the Best?

There are many bee-related products which one can take for health and beauty. Pollen, honey, royal jelly... it's no wonder we're confused. How to choose?

Which one has the highest health-enhancing benefits?

Nutritionists say pollen is the most complete health food among them all. Why? Because pollen offers the richest and most varied nutrients, which are available in proportions closest to what is needed by the human body.

In contrast, honey comprises mostly starches and has very low contents of other nutrients such as minerals and proteins.

As for royal jelly, while it does contain proteins, minerals, starches and fats, they are available in proportions that are not even close to what is needed by the human body.

That explains why Pollen is the most efficacious compared with honey and royal jelly.

Now you many have another burning Question..

The multi-vitamin pills sold in the market today generally contain minerals and other nutrients in addition to vitamins. How do they match up to pollen products?

The multi-vitamin pills sold in the market today are mostly made up of synthetic nutrients that cannot be completely assimilated and metabolized by the human body. In fact, some of the sub-standard ones may even incur burden to the body or, worse, cause poisoning.

As pollen is a natural health food, it does not bring about any known side effect with its daily consumption.

There is no restriction on amount consumed because it will never accumulate in the body or cause discomfort.

Very importantly, pollen offers a complete spectrum of nutrients that can be readily assimilated and utilized by the body.

(Source: Shuang Hor Magazine September 2009, Ng Jia Yee)

Now you know which is the best among pollen, honey, royal jelly and multi-vitamins, please choose wisely. Or you may contact me at laifuiping@gmail.com if you want to buy Yung Kien Pollen.
Click here to refer to Shuang Hor company website for Product Description and Price.

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