Body Detox Program With A Difference - My Personal Experience

Thursday 22 September 2011

A cleansing and detoxification program is a series of steps taken in order to actively enhance the elimination of toxic wastes from your body that are creating, or have the potential to create bothersome symptoms and disease. 

Going by that definition, I can say I had never seriously embarked on any detox program in my life. I mean, it's a great concept. But the idea of having to refrain myself from my favourite "sin" food and worse, "forced" to take a whole bunch of "good-for-you", boring stuff and on top of that, having to change my sleeping habit and exercise regime etc for an extended duration, just totally put me off. What makes it even more complicated is there're different programs for different purposes, e.g. for the colon, or for the liver, or for the kidney etc etc.

Until I came to know about this particular Detox Program. It only takes 2 minutes a day. I don't have to change my lifestyle at all (unless I want to see greater, faster results). The only requirement was I had to be disciplined and incorporate this 2-minute habit for 3 to 4 months, twice a day. So I thought ok, sounds easy enough, I especially liked the "carry-on-your-life-as-usual" bit.

I got started. All I had to do was to take 10 capsules of Yung Kien Lingzhi and 4 sachets (20 capsules) of Yung Kien Pollen, each time on an empty stomach, twice a day. As simple as that. Seriously.

What does it do? 

That simple routine is actually a comprehensive detox program and addresses all the important areas of internal cleansing, including purifying our blood, detoxing the liver, cleansing the kidneys and bladder, detoxing heavy metals, stimulating lymph drainage, strengthening our immune system and of course giving our entire digestive system a very good clean-up.

This is also a Health Scanning Program. Because during this time, our body will give us an advanced warning signal of certain ailments in our body that would normally not give us any symptoms until it's too late. It could be a cyst in the breast, aorta valve enlargement, pre-cancerous growth in uterus etc.

How did it go for me?

Thankfully, nothing catastrophic was detected. I got some signals that my liver was not so good. I was very very tired and my body and hands were hot/feverish for awhile. Toxins were pushing their way out through various channels - more trips to the toilet, pimples on my tongue, more discharge and phlegm. I braved through a bout of thorough respiratory system cleansing due to the damage caused by pneumonia in the late 90s. I endured and these detox reactions soon went away.

Since then, I haven't had a sore throat in ages. I have now built up a much stronger immune system. I recovered much faster from the cold I caught recently. I feel a higher energy level for my daily activities and sleep more deeply. My complexion is clearer. I most definitely have a smoother bowel movement now. And great news - I don't suffer from horrible menstrual cramps anymore!

At the end of the day, is the detox discipline and effort worth it?
To me, a resounding Yes!

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