What is Vertigo Reaction - Some Facts and Figures

Wednesday 28 September 2011

A main function of Lingzhi is to normalize our body constitution by helping our body to detoxify. As a result, when we take Lingzhi, we will experience a healing reaction known as "Vertigo Reaction". 

This happens when toxins are being dissolved and discharged from our body, and the causes of diseases are being eliminated. Our body will go through a period of discomfort before it becomes better. This is actually a concept in Chinese medicine.

This vertigo reaction is often misunderstood as side effects. However, it is simply a result of Lingzhi's effectiveness in performing its function. The reactions will be different for each individual. Not everyone will experience vertigo reaction, as it depends on the amount of toxins in our body that are being eliminated.

In general, a person who has a hypersensitive constitution, or who takes large amounts of chemical drugs will experience such reactions more easily. The symptoms may range from increased bowel movements, fever, rashes, blood pressure variations to greater fatigue etc. However, these are NOT side effects. When you persist and continue with consumption of Lingzhi, the symptoms will disappear soon. So do not worry. The discomfort is only temporary.

Some facts & figures on Vertigo Reactions
  • 9 out of 10 people who consume Lingzhi may have these reactions.
  • Patients who experience vertigo reactions will have faster results from Lingzhi, while people who do not will have slower recovery.
  • Length of vertigo reactions vary from 2 to 5 days (light reaction), to 7 to 30 days (severe reaction).
  • If the reaction is serious, reduce the dosage or see a doctor to relieve the symptoms first, then continue to consume until the reaction subsides.
  • Some may experience the reaction 3 to 10 days after beginning treatment with Lingzhi. Some may have the reaction 2 to 3 months later.
  • The reaction may recur, unless the disease has been completely cured.

(Source: Ganoderma (Lingzhi) - A Miraculous Herb, Double Crane Enterprise Co. Ltd.)
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