What Is Collagen? Why Is It Important For Our Health And Beauty?

Saturday 10 September 2011

Collagen is a type of protein and makes up 33% of the total protein in our body.  It is needed everywhere including our skin, eyes, cartilage, muscles, bones etc.  Unfortunately after 20-25 years of age, our body doesn't produce as much collagen and experiences a depletion of about 1.5% of collagen every year. The rate accelerates if we are physically active in sports due to wear & tear and also if we are often under stress. 

As such, by the time we reach 40 years of age, we would have depleted some 25%-30% of our collagen. No wonder we have fine lines, sagging skin, shrinking or drooping muscles, shrinking body & skeletal structure, creaking & aching joints, thinning bones, failing eyesight etc.

What else is collagen important for? It enhances the retention of water and calcium in our body. In the event of collagen deficiency, the skeletal system will experience an accelerated drainage of its calcium content, thus increasing the risk of osteoporosis.

A Japanese patented process has shown that consumption of hydrolyzed collagen can effectively improve osteoporosis by discouraging the drainage of bone mass and subduing the increase of bone porosity, thus preserving healthy skeletal functions.

What is a good source of collagen? 

VitakingIt effectively replenishes our collagen so that we can slow down the depletion and if we take enough of it, we can see an overall improvement in vitality and some of these signs of ageing improving. Why Vitaking? Check out my post on How To Choose A Good Collagen.

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