Why Is Lingzhi Recommended To Be Consumed With Bee Pollen?

Sunday 11 September 2011

Think about it, we eat a lot fresh and delicious food everyday, for health and for enjoyment. But how do we know that our body is able to absorb all the nutrients that we eat? If our body cells are jammed with toxins or are weak and unhealthy, even the best nutrients we ingest will still go to waste. 

So How?

That's where Lingzhi (or Ganoderma) comes in. Lingzhi is not a nutritional supplement. It contains only traces of vitamins and minerals. Lingzhi is better known as a functional health food which means that it has therapeutic effect and has the capability to restore back your body's health

As Lingzhi is able to flush out the toxins and revitalize our cells, it ensures the nutrients that we eat can be absorbed by our body.

Here is an analogy - compare our Body to a Car

Lingzhi does for our body like what regular servicing and maintenance does for a car (make sure all the internal parts and engines are in running order). 

Pollen or multivitamins do for our body like what petrol does for a car (so that it has the fuel to run).

Both are equally crucial for the "health" of a car. Likewise, Lingzhi and Pollen work hand in hand to take care of our body.

Why do we recommend Bee Pollen and not any other multivitamin supplements?

Because Bee Pollen is known to be the most complete, natural and wholesome food on earth (after mother's milk).  Pollen has more than 200 types of nutrients in active form and can be readily absorbed by our body.  Pollen is like a multivitamin, only better, as it also contains minerals, enzymes, amino acids and nucleic acids, but without any preservatives/stabilizers.

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