Why is Lingzhi Best Taken Together with Pollen?

Monday 12 September 2011

Some reasons why Lingzhi works best when taken together with Pollen:-

1) Undernourished body cells cannot respond positively to the efficacy of lingzhi. Pollen helps restore our body’s vitality.

2) Research found that pollen enhances the assimilation of the polysaccharides component from the lingzhi in our body.

3) Our cells need Water + Oxygen + Clean Environment + Nutrients to grow. If there’s insufficient nutrients it would retard the regeneration process of our body cells. E.g. for plants to grow, we need to clean out the weeds (similar to what lingzhi does for our body) and also put in fertilizer (similar to what pollen gives to our body).

4) Some toxins need fat soluble vitamins to eliminate, which lingzhi does not possess.

5) The amino acid in the pollen has the ability to breakdown and enhance the absorption ability of the active ingredients of lingzhi.

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