Bits & Bites #237 - Health: If You Have All the Money in the World, Which Would You Choose?

Saturday 20 January 2024

Q. If you are deathly sick (eg. cancer) but have all the money in the world to buy back your health, which solution will you choose?

Me: Why would you choose medicine and hospitals?
Given a choice, I will always go for something that has the capability of Medicine, but proven Safe - Lingzhi.
Even better, I will not wait until my health is compromised. I take Lingzhi as Maintenance because I whole-heartedly believe in Prevention and Protection.


How does one get acidic body constitution?

Unhealthy dietary habits like eating a lot of processed food, oily food, sweet food and meat.
Stress and negative emotions such as anger, anxiety, worry.
Overwork in the office or too much physical activity which is beyond the body's capability.
- Exposure to radiation.


Q. Why do some people feel heaty when they start to take Lingzhi?
A. They have acidic body constitution and have a lot of toxins in the body. Their liver function is weak and cannot eliminate all the toxins out. With Lingzhi, this function is reactivated and hence, with the increased activity, more heat is produced.


Q. How many Lingzhi should one take a day as maintenance?
A. It depends on the person. If your body is clean and you are healthy, you can already see good improvement by taking just 2 YK1 a day. But if your body is 'dirty' and you are not in good health, you need to take more. 


Q. What the difference between CEO Coffee and 'cheap' coffee?
A. Simply put, from long-term consumption, 'cheap' coffee can block your blood vessels, whereas CEO Coffee clears your blood vessels.
Why? Because the ingredients used are different. CEO Coffee uses coconut oil which does not contain trans-fat. And with the addition of Lingzhi, CEO Coffee can reduce the risks of 3 complications - stroke, stones and dementia.


Taking Shuang Hor products allow you to be in control of your health. It saves you a lot of time from being caught in traffic going to hospitals and having to wait for hours for doctors' consultations. Not to mention the time sacrifices by your loved ones who need to bring you there. Most importantly, Shuang Hor products are a 100% safer alternative to medicine. Take the right dose and you will be pleasantly surprised.


This post is part of a series sharing Bits of mishmash on health, my business and life in general, which I find inspirational, enlightening or enriching. And Bites of delicious food I have enjoyed.

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