How to Choose Safe and Effective Detergents and Washing Liquids

Sunday 2 July 2023

Synthetic surfactants from household washing products can cause damage to our skin's sebum membranes and epidermis, resulting in inflammation, dryness and eczema. Synthetic surfactants which are left on kitchen utensils are difficult to break down and affect our endocrine system and in turn cause our immune system to suffer.

Chemical substances will interfere with human endocrine system after prolonged exposure at certain doses. 

(a) Nonylphenol is one of the by-products of degradation of surfactant that resembles the structure of the estrogen hormone, which may disrupt the endocrine system and reproductive system. It may enter human body through drinking water and seafood; and accumulate in our subcutaneous fat and is difficult to break down. The environmental hormones is hazardous to human health and can cause breast cancer, infertility and prostate issue.

(b) Phosphate is one of the ingredients used in detergents to increase the cleaning ability of surfactant by chelating the minerals in pipe water and prevent dirt re-deposition. Unfortunately, it is dangerous to human as it is corrosive and may cause skin allergy. It is also harmful to the environment as it causes eutrophication phenomenon and water pollution.

What is Eutrophication?

(i) Waste water from our house containing phosphorus streams into the lakes or reservoirs.

(ii) This leads to massive algae and aquatic plant reproduction.

(iii) The algae layer on the surface of the water will block direct sunlight into the bottom of the water reservoir.

(iv) The plants will die; and the plant decay and decomposition will consume more oxygen.

(v) The oxygen level in the water drops; and aquatic animals cannot survive.

(c) Many household products contain artificial fragrances. The fragrances imitate the aroma of fruits and natural spices. They are non-volatile, leaving a pungent and strong odour which affect the human nervous system in the long term. It causes irritation to the respiratory tract and skin, causing allergies, asthma and other symptoms such as difficulty breathing.

Introducing GoEco Household Products - Features

1. Surfactant derived from coconut oil and glucoside 

It is biodegradable, eco-friendly and safe.

2. Bioenzyme

Bioenzyme breaks down the oily residue effectively. It is biodegradable and does not disrupt the ecosystem. It helps in river purification and reduces pollution. An experiment shows that the cleaning agent in GoEco breaks down sesame oil much more effectively in 5 minutes as compared to another brand of cleaning agent.

3. pH level

The pH is within the safety range of 5-9 (neutral is 7).

A. GoEco All Purpose Cleaner - Ingredients and functions

(a) Lipase enzyme and Protease enzyme

Capable of breaking down oily residue and dirt completely. While being discharged into the sewage, the bioenzyme still continues to breakdown in the drain.

(b) Non Ionic surfactant and Glucoside-derived surfactant from plant sources

This surfactant has mild action that is able to remove dirt from washable surface effectively, without any residue.

Special Attributes

1) Effective cleaning result for all kitchen wares with no oily residues left behind. It can also be used for many purposes, including washing the bathrooms, furniture, living room, bedrooms, glass, mirror, floor, baby products, jewelleries, car body etc.

2) Easy to rinse, leaving no traces of chemicals on the surface, and reduce water consumption.

3) Consists of lemon essential oil and free from artificial fragrance.

4) Biodegradable - better for the environment.

5) Peace of mind as it is free from strong acidic or alkaline harmful solvents. It does not harm your hands, utensils or surfaces of material.

How to use?

Kitchenware or general cleaning - dilution ratio is 1 to 10 parts of water.

Hobs and hoods, stubborn stains - dilution ratio is 1 to 3 parts of water.

Floor - dilution ratio is 1 capful in 10-20 litres of water.

In a nutshell, this is what you get with GoEco All Purpose Cleaner:

- The Bioenzyme decompose large impurities / dirt into smaller sizes.

- The Surfactant cleans effectively without residues.

- The Formulation is biodegradable and good for the environment.

B. GoEco Liquid Detergent

Many detergents in the market contain:

(a) Bleaching agent

It is corrosive and can cause skin allergies.

(b) Fluorescent agent

It absorbs the ultraviolet rays of the sun to create the illusion of whiteness. It's not easy to break down and can accumulate in the body, causing inflammation and skin irritation.

(c) Softener

It contains a variety of dangerous chemical ingredients which can irritate the eyes and skin, and may cause dizziness.

GoEco Liquid Detergent - Ingredients and functions

(a) Protease enzyme

Can penetrate fabric layers and remove stains.

(b) Complex super detergent

It is derived from plant-source surfactants with mild action. It can remove stains effectively, without any residual traces left.

(c) Anti-redeposition cellulose

The cellulose particles wraps up the dislodged dirt and prevent secondary contamination of clothes.

Special Attributes

1) A high degree of stain removal, whitening, deodorization and fabric care that gives consumers clean, white, fresh, and softened clothes.

2) Easy to rinse, leaving no trace of chemical on the clothes, thus saving water consumption.

3) Does not contain harmful chemicals like phosphates, optical brighteners and bleaching agents. It is free from residues that irritate our skin.

4) Contains biodegradable enzyme formulation - a more environmental friendly detergent.

How to use?

Hand-wash (approx 5 litres of water) - use a quarter capful.

Washing machine (8-9 kg load) - use half capful.


* For better results, soak for at least 30 mins before washing.

* For stubborn stains, pre-treat gently by rubbing a small amount onto the stain and leave for 5 mins. Then, wash as usual.

* Suitable for all washable clothing, including premium quality garments, underclothes and baby wear.

In a nutshell, this is what you get with GoEco Liquid Detergent:

- The Bioenzyme decomposes large impurities / dirt into smaller sizes.
- The Surfactant cleans clothes effectively without residues.
- The Anti-redeposition cellulose envelops the dirt and prevent secondary contamination.
- The Formulation is biodegradable and good for the environment.

(Source: SH seminar 24/11/2021)

How to Order? 

A bottle of GoEco All Purpose Cleaner costs RM19 and a bottle of GoEco Liquid Detergent costs RM45 for Malaysian members.

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