Exclusive: Lingzhi helps modulate and balance 3 major systems

Sunday 9 April 2023

In March 2023, Ms Yu-Chi Cheng presented on how Lingzhi helps modulate and balance the 3 major systems in our body, namely the Immune system (免疫系统), Hormonal system (荷尔蒙系统) and Nervous system (神经系统).

Below are the credentials of this highly qualified lady, Ms Yu-Chi Cheng. 

  • Senior Assistant to Double Crane Group CEO
  • Head of Dietitian of Double Crane Group
  • China Medical University Department of Nutrition, Taiwan
  • Master of Science, Taipei Medical University, School of Nutrition and Health Sciences
  • Specialist Dietitian of Renal Nutrition Obesity Dietitian
  • Professional Health Food Engineer
  • Senior Professional and Technical Certified Dietitian.
As we gradually return back to life post-pandemic, people tend to pay more attention to taking care of their health. That's why Ms Cheng finds it timely to share with us how Lingzhi helps modulate and balance (调节平衡) the health of the 3 major physical systems in our body, namely the Immune, Hormonal and Nervous systems (3 Systems). 

Why emphasise on these 3 Systems? 

1) Any disorders in the 3 Systems will affect the overall functions of the body organs. The 3 Systems coordinate with each other so when 1 of them is imbalanced, then like a domino effect, the other 2 will become chaotic.

2) It is hard for the body to modulate and balance the 3 Systems. The mechanism of medicine in alleviating an illness is by way of suppressing over-reactions or boosting insufficient physical condition unilaterally. After taking medicine for a period of time, the side effects of medicine will start appearing and patients get weaker. 

3) By understanding how the 3 Systems work together, you will know how they affect your entire body. Then you can comprehend why taking Lingzhi regularly, and at a fixed dosage and fixed time everyday will help you maintain your health. This is proven by numerous scientific evidences which support the Chinese ancestors' saying i.e. Treat Different Diseases with the Same Treatment (异病同治). Reason being different diseases can be cured using the same Core Method (target root cause (根本) instead of symptomatic treatment (对症治疗)).

Ms Cheng then proceeded to explain in a clear and easy-to-understand manner each of the 3 Systems, what are the symptoms and what are the common diseases associated when there is excess or deficiency, over-reaction or repressed performance. She also used the analogy of an Iceberg - we are usually treated on the 10% of the problems that we can see. But the issues can only be fully resolved when we become aware of the 90% that is hidden. This was how she found a solution to her dry eyes problem.

She also highlights various professors' and experts' perspectives, wherein their scientific research results are published in Taiwan's Ganoderma Magazine, which demonstrates clearly that Lingzhi can be effectively used to handle diseases stemming from all the 3 Systems.

Finally she recommended the ideal combination of Lingzhi to take, regardless whether you want to maintain your health or trying to improve your health problems.

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