Exclusive: What is Lingzhi Ganoderma and How is it Effective Against Covid-19

Sunday 4 July 2021


Lingzhi (also known as Ganoderma) is not something new. More than 3,000 years ago, Shen-nong Pharmacopiea has already recorded the existence of Lingzhi. In the olden days, only the Emperor was able to consume this precious herb. Lingzhi was considered as the best medicine because it is non-toxic and long-term consumption maintains youthfulness. 

Today, with modern research, it confirms that Ganoderma Lucidum is a functional food. It is food, as opposed to medicine. It is very safe to be consumed. It is very widely researched and its efficacy is proven. The triterpenoids, ganoderic acids, lucidenic acids and polysaccharides which have been extracted and isolated from Ganoderma species are the components that perform the functions. People in the ancient times did not know this. But today, the researchers are able to identify more and more of these effective components.

Drugs are newly developed and we don't know their long term side effects. Only time can tell. However, with Lingzhi, we already know what it can do. People who take Lingzhi can live longer; they have less illnesses etc. We just don't know the mechanisms of how it works. The research directions are to find out how Lingzhi does it eg. triterpenoids performs this function, ganoderic acid performs that function etc. In other words, we already know Lingzhi's benefits (as below), unlike drugs.

Body Diagram

Lingzhi from Shuang Hor is considered to be the market leader. Not only is Shuang Hor able to extract the triterpenoid component, it can also purify it into ganoderic acids.

What are the major components of Lingzhi and their functions?


Modulate immunity by calming down overly active immune cells.

- Reduce cholesterol. Such chronic diseases can weaken your immune system.

Promote disaggregation of thrombi. One of the causes of death of covid-19 is blood clots. Triterpenoid can help dissolve the clots and allow the blood to circulate smoothly.

- Improve elasticity of blood vessels.

- Increase mobility of blood flow.

- Enhance liver function (detoxification).

- Alleviate allergic conditions.

Macromolecular polysaccharides

Fortify immune defence.

- Remove free radicals.

- Promote regeneration of liver cells.

- Strengthen the physique.

How does your immune system work?

The first line of defence are the Phagocytes. When there's an invasion of foreign substances into our body, the Phagocytes (including Macrophage) are the first to react. If they are overwhelmed, the T-cells will be activated. They will destroy the invaders and at the same time, send messages to B-cells to produce antibodies (weapons) to be used to fight against the invaders. Another group are the Natural Killer Cells which fight against cancerous cells. This is essentially how our immune system works. 

Lingzhi is able to balance or modulate our immune system - what is too weak will be enhanced, and what is too hyper will be calmed down. Lingzhi works on all systems in the body, including the Immune system and Respiratory system, which are directly affected by the covid-19.

Shuang Hor Lingzhi Ganoderma

Shuang Hor Lingzhi has been endorsed with 2 important certifications from the Health Ministry of Taiwan.  The certification #A00003 affirms that Yung Kien Ganoderma helps with 5 functions and 2 functions in relation to our immune system and liver respectively. There is no other product that can claim that they have all these functions.

The certification above proves that Shuang Hor's Lingzhi is a quality Lingzhi. In addition to the certification from the Health Ministry of Taiwan, it also has:

  • ISO 9001 certification
  • GMP and GLP certifications
  • TQF certification 
  • Accepted by JHFA (Japan Health Food Authority) 
  • Accepted by HSA (Singapore Health Sciences Authority) 
  • International Halal certifications.

5 Trump Cards of Shuang Hor Lingzhi Against Covid-19

1) Safe. It is so safe that newborn babies can consume; so covid-19 patients can definitely consume.

2) Prevention. Meaning, if you don't have covid-19, you can take Lingzhi to prevent it, unlike drugs where you can only take it after contracting the disease.

3) Dual regulating. If your immune system is too low, it helps to improve. If your immune system is too high, it helps to bring down. 

4) Effective. It is effective at every stage of your life, whether you're healthy, at pre-illness stage, sick or severely sick. This depends on how much you take and how long you take it. Many researches have proven that Lingzhi is also effective against covid-19.

5) Multi-function. Most drugs are single function eg. HBP drugs are only able to treat HBP problem. Covid-19 vaccines are only for covid-19. Whereas for Lingzhi, it helps with your overall health (as seen from the above Body Diagram).

Equivalent Target Lingzhi - Yung Kien I (YK Immune)

Why do I recommend you to take YK Immune for Covid-19? 

Because YK Immune is targeted, meaning it is very focused on your immune system. It builds your immune system to the level you want and at the same time, regulates it. Hence, it is a more convenient and speedier solution, especially in the current situation.  Some points on YK Immune in a nutshell:


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