Respiratory System Diseases: Application of SH Products

Sunday 11 April 2021

We can say that the lungs has the first contact with the external environment. It is the first doorway for pathogens to enter our body because as we breath in, the air goes straight to the lungs.

Common diseases related to respiratory system:

(a) Asthma, where the airways narrow and swell, making breathing difficult, and trigger coughing, wheezing and shortness of breath. Common asthma attack triggers include inhaling smoke, cold air, GERD and stress. It's a type of auto-immune disorder where the Th2 becomes hyperactive.

(b) Pneumonia, which is lung inflammation caused by bacterial or viral infection. The air sacs in the lungs (alveoli) are filled with fluid or pus. X-rays show affected area as white spots (called pulmonary infiltrates).

Pulmonary edema occurs when alveoli fill up with excess fluid (often caused by congestive heart failure).

(c) Bronchitis, which is inflammation of the lining of the bronchial tubes, caused by viral or bacterial infection, or breathing in things that irritate the lungs.

When you experience breathing difficulty, deep breathing exercise help. Especially when you travel to cold countries, you may experience constrictions to your lungs if you are not used to the temperature change. The inhalation of such cold air may cause your WBC activity (immune system) to suddenly drop (as they function optimally at 37'C). Hence if there's germs in the air, you can easily get infected.

A suggestion for pneumonia cases:

(i) Take at least 15 YK1 or 4 YK2, open up the capsules, pour the powder into warm water and sip slowly. Let the Lingzhi powder stick on the oesophagus.
After 2-3 minutes, drink down the residual from the cup.

(ii) Calmly sit down and take deep breaths for 10 mins.

(iii) If still not able to breath well, put 3 Lactoberry into the throat without drinking any water.
After 3-5 mins, drink room temp water.

(iv) Heat therapy - use the hairdryer to blow at the meridian points between nipples and just below the neck for 5-10 mins. It raises your body temp back to 37'C, and your immune system is able to perform again.

Ms J had severe pounding headache when she visited Kunming because the weather was too cold. She put 2-3 YK1 (after removing capsules) under her tongue. Within 5 mins, she vomited and felt relief from her headache.

A suggestion for bronchitis cases:
It's better to take YK2 because many a times, it could be due to autoimmune system disorder. The high content of triterpenoid of YK2 is better (at least 4 YK2), unless you swallow at least 20 YK1, where the triterpenoid level would then be sufficient.

TCM Perspective

The colon and lung meridian points are inter-related. If you experience constipation continuously for 3-5 days and the quality of your stools is poor, this indicates there is a drop in the health of your respiratory system. This is because the meridian points of large intestines and lungs are linked.

Other Symptoms of unhealthy respiratory system:
- phlegm, throat irritation, itchy throat, runny nose
- negative emotion (sadness)
- difficulty perspiring
- rough skin condition
- blisters all over body.

Colon meridian point: outer side of index finger.
Lung meridian point: outer side of thumb.
Meeting point is between between these 2 fingers on the back of the hand and further up on the wrist.
People with weak lungs will feel sharp pain when these points are massaged. There may even be appearance of water blisters.


For people with lung problem, allergy and asthma, taking Lactoberry helps as it improves the quality of the bacteria in the intestines, and eventually improves quality of lungs. When the digestive system health improves, your bowel movement is smoother and the quality of your breathing also improves.

Take care of your diet - reduce the consumption of spicy food and take more white colour food to nourish the lungs (white fungus, white lily bulb, barley, almond powder drink). Take pollen in capsule form, rather than granular form.

Take care of your emotions.

Why do some  people wake up with runny nose and sneezing in the morning?

- Aircond is too cold.
- Aircond filter is dirty.
- Bedroom has a lot of allergens and dust.
- Bedsheet has a lot of dust mites.

Quick fix: Slice a big red onion in half and leave it on a plate in the room. However, it's only temporary fix and doesn't address the root cause of the problem. This is because onions can kill bacteria.

Two children suffer from severe asthma. After taking Lingzhi and Pollen, the healing reaction is their cough becomes worse. One coughed out an excess amount of phlegm; the other was sent to hospital to draw out the phlegm. After that, they don't have the attacks anymore. In other words, do not panic, Lingzhi and Pollen are safe, but the consumers need to have faith and patience to go through the episode.

Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is one of the top 10 causes of death. It doesn't happen overnight. It is discovered that 20-30 years prior to being diagnosed with lung cancer, these people had dry cough. They would see the doctor, take cough syrup, the symptoms disappear. When the cough recurs 2-3 months later, they repeated the cycle of seeing doctor. This could continue for 20-30 years. Suddenly they have a severe bout of cough and when they go for checkup, the doctor would pronounce them as stage 4 lung cancer patient.

When particles stick to the wall of the alveoli, the exchange of air can't function properly, and that's why people experience dry cough. Another way of looking at it is that when one experiences dry cough, it's a sign that the immune system is working, and is trying to cough out the toxins from body. But if the lungs is weak, nothing would come out. Cough syrup contains steroids and suppress the activities of immune cells, making it appear that the irritations have gone. However, toxins are actually reabsorbed back into the body. Accumulation of toxins over a period of time increases the severity.

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