Digestion System Diseases: Application of SH Products

Sunday 9 January 2022

If you know how to interpret the sickness in your body, you will be able to take care of them before they become serious. Our mental and emotional states contribute substantially to our physical health. 

It's not easy to control our emotions. Psychedelic drugs can make you happy. However, these hallucinations are temporary and also harmful. The practice of meditation can help control your emotional state to keep it calmer and more stable. If you are at a negative mental state, unhappy or depressed, it's very good to practice medication.

Believe it or not, the health of our Digestive System has a lot to do with our emotional health. Many major diseases are related to the digestive system because the nutrients that our body need come from food. The nutrients has to be digested and absorbed before it can be utilised. Even if you have consumed a lot of food, but because of wrong eating habits or wrong food combination, your cells are not able to absorb the nutrients.

The 3 common illnesses that manifest because of poor digestive system are liver diseases, gastric ulcer and constipation.

1. Liver diseases

Anger is an emotional state that affects the liver. Anger a vicious cycle. People who are always feeling angry will harm their liver function. And when their liver function drops, it makes them become even more agitated. When one is angry, it creates stagnation of liver Qi and its flow is blocked.

Stagnation of liver Qi results in insufficient supply of Qi to the brain and because of that, they tend to get headache or migraine easily. For ladies, the act of constantly suppressing your anger can lead to breast cancer.

Liver disease is not easy to detect because it's a silent organ (it doesn't feel pain) and hence the symptoms are easily misdiagnosed.

Symptoms of liver disease from TCM perspective:

(a) Eyes
- Poor vision can be attributed to unhealthy liver.
- Red veins on white of eye - stagnation of liver Qi or poor sleep quality over long-term.
- Yellow patches on white of eye - liver unable to breakdown bilirubin or jaundice.
- Skin tags on the face below eyes - fatty liver.
- Drooping eyelid - stagnation of liver blood.

(b) Energy level
Liver is an energy generator. If you feel tired most of the time, it's an indication that liver function has dropped. You may sleep a lot but still feel very tired.

(c) Nails
Condition of nails indicating unhealthy liver - brittle, dull, pale, uneven surface.

What causes fatty liver?
When the liver cannot breakdown the fats as it should, the fats accumulate and wrap around the liver, leading to fatty liver. When liver cannot metabolise fats, the functions of metabolising toxins also deteriorate. There's no medicine to treat fatty liver. The best a doctor can do is advise you to change your lifestyle and eat less oily food.

What causes headache or giddiness?
Bone marrow synthesise blood. From TCM point of view, liver transports blood to the heart, which onward transport to all over the body, including the brain. So liver plays a key role. If it's weak, its efficiency drops, there will be insufficient blood (and oxygen) pumped into the brain. Further, if there is blockages in the circulation system, less blood will reach the brain. That's why people get headache.

How does paracetamol/painkillers function?
It only suppresses your pain. But it doesn't clear the blockages. As the pain escalates, you need to increase the dosage and there will come a day when it is no longer effective.

How does Lingzhi work?

(i) Lingzhi is particularly effective for liver. It reduces the level of GOT and GPT enzymes i.e. it directly improves liver function. This in turn reduces migraine problem and improves digestive function.

(ii) Lingzhi also has the ability to increase the liver protein content (albumin and globulin) which means improved ability to regenerate new liver cells.

Yung Kien Ganoderma can work for these 2 areas simultaneously.

Whereas from Western medicine point of view, if you are diagnosed with liver diseases, you need to take interferon drugs to reduce GOT and GPT. It is very expensive. If the disease is caused by infections, doctor prescribes antibiotics or anti-viral drugs. However, these drugs don't improve the liver functions at all. For that, some people inject stem cells. There can be a lot of side effects.

2. Gastric ulcer

People who think they have gastric problem but which are not solved by taking gastric medication should have their liver examined. Because many a times, liver diseases have been misdiagnosed as stomach disorder.

What cause gastric ulcers?
- Irregular meals, over-eating - the gastric juice produced is not used therefore eroding the stomach lining.
- Eating too fast without chewing properly creates a lot of stress to the stomach. Digestion starts in the mouth. Saliva breaks down carbo. If you don't chew sufficiently, your stomach is forced to work harder.
- Drinking too much water while eating - it dilutes the stomach acid and therefore affects proper digestion.
- Lying down immediately after meals can lead to reflux. Dinner and sleeping time should have around 3-4 hours gap.

How do gastric drugs work?
A common drug prescribed for severe stomach ulcer is Controloc. If you only depend on drugs, but don't change your lifestyle, you will never be able to permanently improve your condition. Controloc is a proton pump inhibitor. It works by blocking the proton pump from pumping acid into the stomach.
Another way gastric drugs work is to dilute the stomach acid. But it cause the side effect of bloatedness.
As such, since the drugs only address the symptoms and not the root cause, the diseases cannot be cured.

What's good for digestive system?
For people with gastric problem, mix 2 sachets Jia Hor Protein in warm water, shake well and drink immediately.

For people who eat irregular meals, mix Jia Hor Protein and Jia Hor Fiber with water and drink immediately to substitute the missing meals so that the stomach lining is protected.

For people with indigestion problem, take Yung Kien Pollen as it contains more than 94 types of enzymes and coenzymes to help digest food. In order for food to be digested, broken down, absorbed and utilised, you need 3 factors to be present at the same time, which are vitamins, minerals and enzymes. 

If you're always very busy and don't have the habit of eating vege and fruits, it's good to take Yung Kien Pollen as it has all the essential nutrients that your body requires to improve your digestive system.

3. Constipation

After food has been digested, absorbed and utilised by the body, the residual will be excreted from the body. If it cannot be flushed out, you suffer from constipation.
There are 2 common causes of constipation:

(i) Lack of fiber
As we age, our colon's peristalsis function becomes sluggish. It's important to take fiber to stimulate the movement of the intestines. We need about 25g of fiber a day, which is very hard to meet from our daily food intake. It's not surprising to have remnants of waste from many years ago still stuck in our colon. If your colon is sluggish, it moves slower. More water and toxins will be reabsorbed and circulate back into the body system. The stools become harder and heavier and sink - which are signs of unhealthy stools.

(ii) Poor liver function
Liver is an energy generator. We need energy to create the peristalsis movement. When liver function is deteriorated, it does not create enough energy for colon to move the bowel. In this case, even laxatives may not be effective.

Take 4-5 Lactoberry a day as well as Yung Kien Ganoderma to help regulate back your elimination process.

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