How to Eat Right - What You Should Know About Fats

Sunday 15 December 2019

F-A-T-S is a bad four-letter word to many of us. We are under the impression that fats make us fat and is bad for our health. But these perceptions are only half right.

In fact, fats is the second most important macro-nutrients needed by our body and it performs many important functions, including:
  • Natural hormone replacement.
  • Nervous system. Otherwise, we get agitated / frightened easily.
  • Enhance immune system.
  • Suppress appetite e.g. coconut oil.
  • Burn stored fat.
  • Brain function - stay focus, alert, better memory.
  • Eyesight.
  • Healthy skin - prevent dry skin and cracked heels.
  • Lubricate joints.
  • Reduce inflammation of cells (especially omega 3 and 6 oils).
  • Pregnant women and nursing mothers.
However - only GOOD fat can deliver all these benefits.

What is the Difference between Bad Fat and Good Fat?

Bad Fat

These are hydrogenated fats, and its by-products called trans fat.
Certain oil contains a strong odour and has a short storage period. When they are put through a food processing process called hydrogenation i.e. injection of hydrogen atoms into the oil, these 2 problems are resolved - it gets rid of the rancid smell and the fat has longer expiry dates. The down side is, it increases your risk of heart disease.

Oils such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, sunflower oil etc contain good fats. But it's the hydrogenation process that turn them into bad oil. These types of oil are easily identified because they are sold in clear, plastic containers.

Saturated fat are solid in room temperature. Examples include animal fat and butter. When they enter our body, they solidify and over time, block our arteries. However, if we exercise regularly and burn the fat quickly, they will not store in the body long enough to solidify in the blood vessels.

Coconut oil is also rich in saturated fat. But research found that coconut is rich in MCT (medium chain triglycerides). Intake of MCT saturated fat gives many health benefits.

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In other words, coconut oil is actually good for you.

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Good Fat

Unsaturated fat is a good fat. It is classified into 2 categories:

(a) Mono-unsaturated
A common source is olive oil. However, make sure you select those labelled "unrefined, extra-virgin", or even better, "organic". Don't be fooled by words like "natural, light, pure, etc", which are marketing gimmicks.

(b) Poly-unsaturated
It is mostly in liquid form, even when kept in the fridge. The most important ones that we must eat are omega-3 and omega-6 because they cannot be manufactured by our body.
Examples include deep sea fish (salmon, mackerel, trout), flaxseed, nuts (walnut, almond), tofu, soybean oil.

Flaxseed has a low burning temperature so it should ideally be stored in the fridge and not used for cooking. It is best used for salad dressing.
Nuts are best eaten Raw (not Roasted). Their oils are very sensitive to heat and roasting changes the molecular structure of the fat from being a good fat to bad fat.

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