Exclusive - Ganoderma Magazine: Lingzhi and Breast Cancer

Sunday 1 December 2019

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I put this article together from a seminar on Lingzhi and Breast Cancer, highlighting the alternative solutions and remedies, which in turn is taken from Ganoderma Magazine 2018 (Issue 77). This Bulletin is published in Taiwan and updates readers on the contribution of Lingzhi / Ganoderma to our health.

Nowadays, information is easily available everywhere. So as a supplier of health products, it is not enough to just tell people what you have is good; you need to back it up with reliable sources. In the market, there are a lot of magazines and books produced by suppliers of products themselves. But how reliable are they? Are they backed up with real information? Some are just writers who are very creative in promoting their products. When we say something is reliable - it should be backed up by someone or some institutions with authority e.g. for health products, good sources are research reports published by medical experts in medical journals.

Ganoderma Bulletin is published on a quarterly basis by the Microbiological Research Institute of Taiwan. The articles are like those published in Western medical journals, just that they are written in Chinese, as this journal publishes information on Lingzhi, which is more widely researched in the Oriental part of the world, especially Taiwan, which wants to make Lingzhi their national treasure.

Every issue focuses on a specific topic. This issue talks about using drugs as treatment for breast cancer (and their side effects), and scientific reports written by researchers who use Lingzhi to do their experiments, as well as testimonies.

Including both lab reports and actual outcome on humans is important because some scientific research only stop at the lab level. The results are different when applied to humans, because human body works in a holistic manner, where many other factors interfere with the intended outcome. Hence what happens in the lab may not happen in real life. As Ganoderma Bulletin includes both, it shows consistency in results. The articles are also supported by many scientific reports published in English.

This Bulletin is divided into 4 main sections:

1st Section

The first section is a preface by 2 professors.

Professor Lin Zhibin is a world-renowned Lingzhi researcher. He talks about Lingzhi from ancient times to now, where it is becoming the modern answer to maintaining our health.

Professor Xu Ruixiang (chief editor) is another pioneer Lingzhi professor. He also talks about Lingzhi evolving from something only heard of in Chinese legends to now, where it has been proven to be effective for many diseases.

2nd Section

The next section is on testimonies. Conventional Western treatments have improved where they are more targeted now. Depending on the type of breast cancer, treatments include hormone therapy, using different drugs etc. There are 4 testimonies on how Lingzhi is used to complement Western treatments:


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