A Simple Way To Find Out If You May Be Getting Cancer: 7 Stages of Disease

Wednesday 13 August 2014

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"I just met my friend recently and he looked fine. I'm so shocked to hear he suddenly has liver cancer. He seems so healthy all these while." 

I met a lady 2 months ago, who goes for medical checkup every year and the cancer marker reading was always Ok, no cancer. This year, when she went for her routine checkup, she’s diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer. She was so shocked and kept asking how come she “suddenly” got cancer.

But do you know cancer never happens suddenly? We would have abused our body quite a lot for cancer to finally happen. Some proponents of nature cure say there are 7 Stages our body goes through to arrive at this point of no return. Our body gives warning signals at every stage. The earlier we become aware of these warning signals and the faster we take action to address them, the better we can maintain our health.

What are these 7 Stages of Disease?

Stage 1 - Enervation

Enervation is depletion of energy. Not enough energy comes in, and too much energy goes out. In other words, Input < Output.

Sources of Energy:

(a) Chemical energy, which comes from a healthy balanced diet. Our body needs energy to survive and carry out all its functions. The major source of energy that our body needs comes from the carbo in our food, which our body converts into glucose that is then converted into energy. In order to give us the best source of energy, the foods we eat must ideally be complete, natural and wholesome.

(b) Vital energy, or chi, which comes from sunshine, clean water and fresh air (with lots of oxygen).

To keep our energy up, we need to complement with a good overall Lifestyle - get enough rest and know how to manage our stress level.

Uses of Energy:

(a) Thinking (that's why office workers will also feel tired even though they only sit on their chair in the office the whole day).
(b) Movement (walking, climbing stairs, driving car etc).
(c) Digestion (the more you eat and the more unhealthy/junk food you take, the more energy is needed to digest).
(d) Metabolism (technical term used to describe all the biochemical and hormonal reactions in our body that keep the organs and cells working in optimal condition eg. breathing, repairing cells, heart pumping blood etc).
(e) Elimination (sweat through skin, bowel movement).

At this Enervation stage, when our body doesn’t get sufficient energy for its daily tasks, it becomes weakened/tired (like you eating just 1 meal/day). This lessens its ability to restore the depleted energy, starting a downward spiral. To conserve energy, our body has to do something. Our body can't stop our heart from pumping, but one of the first process it can shut down is our elimination channel. That’s one of the reasons why some people start to have constipation. As these un-eliminated wastes accumulate in our body, we feel these 
Symptoms - constipation, tired, sleepy, loss of appetite, nausea, don’t feel "normal".
As our body cannot clear out the toxic materials, it results in Toxemia.

Stage 2 - Toxemia

Toxemia is a pile up of toxins that are not eliminated. Toxins come from 2 sources:
(a) External toxins - eg. pesticide from food, chemical in air, polluted water, medicines.
(b) Internal toxins - eg. carbon dioxide and by-products from our own metabolism and bacteria from fermentation of undigested food.

Our body recognizes this situation and attempts to get rid of the toxins. We may come down with a cold or flu. Our body tries to store the un-eliminated toxins somewhere. This contributes to our internal pollution. The storage also interferes with absorption of oxygen and nutrients by our cells. Toxins start to saturate our blood and tissues. Our body slowly sinks deeper into disease.

Symptoms - feel more tired and sluggish, fever (as our body raises temperature to dissolve the toxins), cold, runny nose, flu.

Stage 3 - Irritation

The storage of waste products in our body blocks the assimilation of oxygen and nutrition into our cells. The environment is dirty and polluted. Our cells absorb a lot of water to dilute the toxins that our body has accumulated – water retention. We see some people who look fat and bloated, with swollen ankle etc. It’s not that they are really overweight but it's because they are at this Stage 3. As our cells continue to face increased pressure from the water retention, which creates a cramp living condition, they begin to send out distress signals.

Some Distress Signals: itchy skin, depression (mental n physical health are related), frequent headaches, minor aches and pains, coated tongue, bad breath, increased body odor, sallow/dull complexion, dark circles under the eyes, irregular/heavier menstrual flow.
If you continue to ignore these signals, the toxic residue builds to an even higher concentration, resulting in Stage 4 of disease.

Stage 4 - Inflammation

Inflammation is our body's most intense effort to cleanse and restore itself. In this process, we actually feel pain. The area becomes swollen due to the constant irritation from the toxic substances. The doctors will diagnose us with an "itis" problem (literally means "inflammation of") and give it a name depending on which body organ is affected:

Tonsillitis - inflammation of the tonsils
Appendicitis - inflammation of the appendix
Hepatitis - inflammation of the liver
Nephritis - inflammation of the kidneys
Arthritis - inflammation of the joints
Colitis - inflammation of the colon
Gastritis - Inflammation of the stomach
Dermatitis - inflammation of the skin
Carditis - inflammation of the heart
Ileitis - inflammation of the small intestines

This is a cleansing mode as our body tries to repair itself. We may get Fever. It is evidence of increased body activity to cleanse and repair. So looked at this way, Fever is a healing activity. Unfortunately, doctors suppress this healing symptom by giving medicines. Drugs add to the already high level of toxicity in our body, bringing us to the next stage of disease.

Stage 5 - Ulceration

By now, our body has been exposed to a lot of toxins for such a long time that massive number of cells and tissues have been destroyed. Our body is still doing its best to get rid of the toxins. It forms an ulcer (eg. an opening on the skin) as an outlet to rid itself of toxins. This condition is often very painful if it's a big raw open wound and there are exposed nerves. The good news is the ulcer will heal when the poisons have been discharged out and the level of toxin is sufficiently lowered.

Modern medicine again looks at it differently. It views ulcers as negative and applies cream, lotion or antibiotics in an attempt to stop and heal the ulcers. But they actually end up stopping the body's natural way to expel the toxic substance out.

So, by closing up the ulcer, the toxins will continue to be trapped inside. What is the last way to keep your remaining health?

Stage 6 - Induration

Induration is the thickening and hardening of the tissues when our body attempts to protect itself. The toxic material is ring-fenced in a group of hardened tissue, to stop it from spreading freely throughout our body. It’s like a prison, to lock up the bad guys from harming the good people outside. This hardened tissue is known by names such as tumor, growth or fibroid.

Induration is the last stage when the body can still control its cells. If we quickly take corrective measures at this stage and change our habits and lifestyle, then we can still go back to health. But if we continue to ignore the warning signals and let the poisoning go on, we reach Stage 7.

Stage 7 - Fungation / Cancer

So cancer is not sudden – you go through 6 long stages before arriving here. In a healthy person, each group of cells performs its respective functions to benefit our body as a whole. But cancer cells don’t do anything that benefits our body at all. When our internal conditions have deteriorated to the extent that normal living condition is no longer possible, (i.e. no food, water and oxygen), the cells start to mutate. They can no longer be controlled by our brain. They multiply haphazardly in an unorganized manner. Think of a war zone that is stark, barren and depressing. They turn into cancer cells and can live in a toxic environment without oxygen. They steal whatever nutrients they can from our good cells, yet contribute nothing to our body in return.

For example, imagine the plane you're in crashes in a place where there is no food. With your survival instinct, you will do whatever it takes to stay alive. You may end up being a cannibal, eating your fellow passengers in order to stay alive. Even though in normal circumstance you will never eat another human being.

What Can You Do

You don’t want to become like this right? Use this 7 Stages of Disease as a yardstick to diagnose the status of your health, so you know how to stop the disease from going further before it’s too late. If you expose your mutated cells to oxygen, high quality nutrients, positive energy, and get rid of the toxins, then you can convert them back to normal cells.

How to get rid of the toxins?

Lingzhi and Pollen have been proven to be very effective to heal and reverse our body back to a healthy state, regardless which stage you are at now. 
  •         Detox. Lingzhi can open up all your channels of elimination to dig up the toxins and push it out.
  •         Dormant cells that are weak and lacking in nutrients – Pollen comes in to nourish, revitalize and reenergize.
  •         Damaged cells - Lingzhi rebuild and repair.
  •         Dead cells – Lingzhi regenerate the growth of new cells to replace them.

During the healing process, the toxic waste matter will be stirred up and return to the bloodstream to be eliminated from your body. It is not comfortable. The further down the 7 Stages you are, the more uncomfortable you will feel. But it’s a necessary process for healing to occur. Don’t be so anxious to get rid of the symptoms. Be patient and give it time to go through the process. 

In the meantime, what can you do?

1. Rest more. Try Meditation – as it calms down the body and can help it detox better.
2. Drink more clean water.
3. Cut down solid food – don’t tax your body any further. Take light, natural, easy to digest food. Take more fiber and probiotics to open up more channels of elimination.
4. Exercise – pump up your heart, regulate blood circulation, encourage sweating as your skin eliminates toxins.

The 7 Stages is also important to understand becoz it helps explain the Healing Reactions you go through after taking Lingzhi. As the path of healing goes back the same path it comes from, you may experience water retention, depression, duller complexion, more discharge and pus etc. for a period of time. The further down you are, the more reactions, and the longer it takes.

What can Lingzhi do?
  • -        Powerful detoxifier at cellular level
  • -        Regulate immunity
  • -        Improve blood circulation
  • -        Enhance and repair liver function – metabolise and get rid of toxin faster
  • -        Remove free radicals
  • -        Has a calming effect – relaxes nerves and mind.

A good detox program must include nutrients. Your body needs a lot of good nutrition in order for a proper detox. Yung Kien Pollen gives all these ingredients that are important for detox including Vitamins like B1, riboflavin, niacin, B6, folic acid, C and E, beta carotene, Minerals like calcium, copper, germanium, magnesium, selenium, zinc etc. You need to nourish your body with sufficient nutrients to give it strength and energy so it can go through healing quickly.

In conclusion, be mindful of the warning signals your body gives. Don’t wait until you have cancer before you take action. 

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