The Best Coffee Business in the World

Sunday 29 November 2020

Have you heard of the 111 Coffee Plan?
It is a business opportunity to earn RM12,280 / month.

Is it doable? Yes. Because it answers the 3 key requirements of a successful business, which are:

1. Are the Products good? 
Yes. CEO Coffee is a well-known product which has been in the market since 2006. Not only does it taste delicious, but it has multiple health benefits.
Click on this link to find out 5 of its benefits:

2. Is the Income good?
Yes. You can earn RM12,280 / month every month. It's more than the monthly salary for many average Malaysian employees. Many people do not even earn this amount up to the day they retire. 111 Coffee Plan is the opportunity for you to fly above average.

3. Is it Easy to do?
Yes. The 111 Coffee Plan is based on Duplication. The strategy is very easy to follow and can be done by everybody of all ages and educational background because it is:

(a) Simple 
(b) Easy to Understand 
(c) Easy to Learn.

Important Tips on How to Execute 111 Coffee Plan Successfully

Let me show you how easy it is:

1. Invitation

When you invite your friends to taste your coffee, tell them "I want to treat you to the World's Best Coffee". Indeed, this is my personal view - CEO Coffee is the only coffee that I feel most comfortable drinking anytime and every time. Inviting with enthusiasm gives your friends a feeling of anticipation. They look forward to try that first sip.

Imagine if someone says he is going to let you try a durian from the orchard that grows the Best Durian in the World; won't you be salivating in excitement and can't wait to try?

2. Coffee Experience

As you are making the CEO Coffee for your friend, educate them on how to identify what is a good coffee. 
The smell is fragrant, rich and pleasant.
The taste is natural, bitter and dry. The texture is silky and smooth.
After swallowing, it does not leave a chemical aftertaste in the mouth. It is non-oily. 
CEO Coffee ticks every box.

3. CEO Coffee brand story

A coffee is nothing more than a coffee until you hear the story behind. Once you know its story, CEO Coffee will stay in your heart and you will remember it even when you drink another coffee. It somehow takes on a vintage and culture instead of merely a random coffee. For example, when you find out a table is actually 300 years old, it takes on a new meaning and you see it differently from simply an old table in your grandparents' house, right?

CEO Coffee's story started in early 2000.
Mr Terashima from Yonago City, Japan had a car accident and badly hurt his 5th and 6th lumbar spine. He was paralysed and was wheelchair-bound for 3 years. One day, Mr Ku's friend brought him to meet Mr Ku in a restaurant with the objective of getting him to take Lingzhi for his condition. He offered Mr Terashima a cup of the restaurant's coffee where he added 2 capsules of Lingzhi powder. After only a few minutes, Mr Terashima felt electrical pulses in his hands. A bit more time passed, and he felt the same electrical pulses in his legs when he used to feel nothing. To his amazement, he found he was able to stand up! He was convinced it was not because of the coffee but the Lingzhi. He decided to seriously try. He took 8 capsules Lingzhi a day.

After 1 month of consumption, when Mr Ku saw him, he noticed Mr Terashima could walk but was moving slowly and in a hunched manner, like a frail old man.
After 2 months, his walking improved and he was less hunched.
After 3 months, he was walking like a normal person.
It was the result of Lingzhi in the coffee.

Many people were amazed with this story and started to try the same formula. Here are some of the results they found:
a) People with migraine find relief in their headache after drinking coffee with Lingzhi.
b) People who cannot sleep after drinking coffee at night find their problem resolved.
c) People who have heart palpitations when drinking coffee find they have no palpitations when their coffee is added with Lingzhi.
d) People with stomach ulcer also find their problem resolved.

Shuang Hor decided to produce Lingzhi Coffee. The whole process took 4 years. Why did it take so long? Because it is not as simple as merely collaborating with an existing 3-in-1 coffee manufacturer. Shuang Hor does not want to be associated with products that are added with unhealthy food flavouring and use dairy creamer with trans fat. It searches for a coffee formula that must be natural, healthy and yet still taste good.

The company came to Malaysia to continue its quest because there are many coffee manufacturers here. Lingzhi was sent to Malaysia and much effort was put in to find the perfect formulation. CEO Coffee was born 4 years later.

4. 111 Cafe Plan

This is what you tell your friend..

"Try the Best Coffee in the world.
Invest in 1 box a month and enjoy it at home.
Find 1 friend every month to follow and do the same as you.
Keep doing this same process for 1 year.
You will earn RM12,280 / month."

End of presentation. It is that simple.

What is the next step?
Drop me a mail at I invite you to taste the World's Best Coffee and partner me in this business.