Bits & Bites #230 - Health: Lingzhi v. Medicine, Testimonies v. Accreditations, High v. Low Body Temperature

Sunday 15 November 2020

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Q. What is the difference between Lingzhi and Medicine?

A. Lingzhi can treat pre-illness symptoms before they develop into full-blown diseases.
Medicine can only treat when the diseases have started. Unfortunately, it may already be too late by then to reverse the conditions.


If a doctor stops you from taking Lingzhi / Ganoderma, before you take his advice, please ask him these 2 questions:

(i) Do you know what are the major functional components in Lingzhi?
(ii) Do you know which of these components are poisonous?

If he is unable to respond, do you think he is qualified to advise you on your decision?


The methods that Shuang Hor uses to process its Lingzhi are very special - including dual-phase extraction and concentration process. Approximately 5-6 stalks of Lingzhi are needed to produce just 1 capsule of Lingzhi. Compare this to many other Lingzhi producers - they simply grind the entire stalk of Lingzhi into powder. Obviously, many more capsules can be made, and their cost would be much cheaper. But the difference is their effectiveness is lower.

If you open up a capsule of Shuang Hor Lingzhi and place the powder on your tongue, it fully dissolves and there's no residue.
Grounded Lingzhi leaves some residual, which is not used by your body.


Q. What is the difference between Testimony and Accreditation?

A. Many companies like to use Testimonies as proof that their products are effective. Be careful when you evaluate. Is the product consumed together with other medications / products but the companies presenting the testimonies have omitted those information? Is the product effective for only 1 out of 6 people who take it, but the companies again omit that information?

As for Accreditation - it is very specific - it confirms whether the product itself actually has that ability to perform certain functions or not. Especially if these endorsements come from credible third parties which are recognised globally, it means that product is certainly able to handle your problem.


The best antidote to fighting virus and bacteria is your own immune system.
When the immune system is strong, they are able to fight against these pathogens that invade your body. The "battle" naturally heats up the body and causes a rise in temperature. One of the greatest mistakes parents make is to immediately feed their children with anti-fever drugs the moment they have fever. Their immune soldiers have no opportunity to develop and as such, they lose their ability to fight over the long-term.

In fact, what parents should be concerned about is if their children are constantly feeling cold i.e. suffer from low body temperature. Because this is an ideal environment for virus, bacteria and cancer cells to thrive. Do not ignore low body temperature.

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