Exclusive: Inflammation of the Liver

Sunday 16 December 2018

The diagram above shows the location of the liver, spleen, pancreas, gallbladder and duodenum in our body.

Liver is the only organ in the body which has no nerves. Hence it would not be able to signal to the brain if it is damaged. Unlike for example, when gallstones block the bile duct, it would give a feeling of sharp pain around the upper right portion of abdomen and also on the right shoulder blade on the back. If the block is caused by a tumour, on top of the pain, the stools that are passed out are grey / pale colour. But the signals for liver disorders are not so direct.

Cancer of this area is very difficult to treat. A lady has breast cancer which spread to pancreatic cancer and wanted to consume Lingzhi. However, due to the location of the cancer, after consuming only 1 capsule of Lingzhi, she was so bloated that she couldn't breath and had to be hospitalised and administered with oxygen. Thus, even though she has money, it doesn't necessarily mean that she could take Lingzhi to manage her health condition.

Stages of Liver Health

As the condition of a healthy normal liver deteriorates, it goes through the stages of Fibrosis (mild scarring of tissue), Cirrhosis (hardening) and finally Hepatocellular carcinoma (most common type of primary liver Cancer).

Causes of Liver Disease 

When these factors are present, they trigger chronic inflammation which eventually lead to various causes of liver diseases:

(a) Viral infections, which commonly cause Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E.

(b) Alcohol.

(c) Long term consumption of drugs. Western drugs contain a lot fillers and binders which need to be detoxed by the liver. This burden on the liver function will eventually cause fibrosis.

(d) Stay up late. The liver detox time is 1-3 am. When we are resting, the liver can detox. But when the liver doesn't rest well, it cannot detox. If you are able to have a deep sleep during these 2 hours, it's as if you have had 6 hours of sleep. But if you don't sleep well during this time, you will still feel tired even after many hours of sleep replacement later.

Detox means the flushing out of toxins, which will flow into the kidney, and be stored there until eliminated from the body via urination / bowel movement.

One of the functions of liver is to convert carbohydrate to glucose to be used as energy. The unused energy is converted to glycogen and stored in the liver. Liver also converts protein to amino acid and fats to fatty acids. Liver will also convert toxins to non-toxic substance. The residual toxins will be brought to kidney. In fact, the liver performs more than 500 vital functions.

(e) Stress. From TCM point of view, stress traps the qi in the liver, causing it to loose its function over long-term.

(f) Obesity.

(g) Fatty liver.

Symptoms of Liver Disease

Some common symptoms of liver-related problems (from both TCM and Western way of diagnosis):


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