Bits & Bites #209 - Health: TCM: Yi Li, Bing Li, Yao Li and the TCM Concept of Dampness

Sunday 26 August 2018

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We learn about health so we can serve our consumers better. We are more professional and don't give the wrong impression that we are only there to sell our products. With the sharing of this knowledge, it changes people's perception of us. When we project ourselves as solution providers, people will be more willing to listen to what we have to offer.

Health-related knowledge is broadly divided into 2 categories:

1) Pathology (Yi Li, Bing Li)

Yi Li looks at how our body organs work. Bing Li looks at how we get the diseases and the complications arising therefrom.

(a) Pre-illness (80% of the population)
This looks at the symptoms indicated by various organs of our body eg. conditions of the eyes, lips, nose, forehead, trembling hand etc. From the knowledge gained through studies of TCM's 5 Elements Theory (relationship amongst the 5 body organs on how they help or restrain each other) and 5 Zhang 6 Fu, we can identify which organ in the body is potentially damaged. We learn how to prevent them from further deterioration.

(b) Illness (10% of the population)
This can be diagnosed or explained through the Western way, by looking at the readings from medical checkup results. Thus, by combining both, we acquire a more complete overall picture.

2) Pharmacology (Yao Li)

(a) How Western medication is used to treat diseases. We learn about what medicines are available, how they work and what are the side effects. We go to doctors for disease management - when you are sick, then you see the doctor. If you are healthy, you don't. When people have the knowledge, they will look for alternatives which are safe and yet effective.

(b) How Shuang Hor products can help. We learn how to apply Shuang Hor products to various diseases.

Learning about Pathology and Pharmacology (Yi Li, Bing Li, Yao Li) gives us the knowledge on how to help people in a more complete way.


The TCM Concept of Dampness 

Dampness can be thought of as a condition of high humidity inside the body. Dampness describes a condition of viscosity and stagnation.

Dampness can be seen from the tongue of a person - there are teeth marks around the edge of the tongue. This is because when a person's body is damp, the tongue thickens, causing abrasion between the tongue and teeth. It is not to be confused with ulcer, or accidentally having bitten the tongue. There is also an excess sticky coating of white on the top surface of the tongue.

Dampness is linked to weakness of the Spleen.
Some symptoms include:
  • sticky stools, bowel movement not smooth, constipation, dark colour urine
  • dry mouth, bad breath, bitter taste in mouth
  • phlegm and cough 
  • oily hair, hair loss, grey hair
  • obese, easily put on weight
  • sagging eyebags
  • back pain and joint soreness
  • chest oppression 
  • dark circles around the eyes
  • snoring
  • fatigue and lack of energy
  • wet vagina
  • wet testicles
  • no interest in sex
  • complexion turns yellowish and dark / dull
  • pimples and oily face
  • white vaginal discharge and itchy vagina
  • rashes.
How to reduce Dampness:
  • do not shower late
  • dry the body properly after shower (especially belly button and feet)
  • use hair dryer to blow-dry the body and sole of feet (stimulate the kidney)
  • do not wear wet clothing e.g. after exercise or caught in the rain
  • do not sit on damp ground
  • do not take cold water.
It is noted that if a person has too much Dampness, taking Lingzhi alone will not give much improvement, because Lingzhi cannot reduce Dampness and Coldness. Such people have to change their living habits at the same time and not solely rely on Lingzhi.

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