Bits & Bites #207 - Health: 5 Take-Aways on Shuang Hor Products & Itchiness After Taking Lingzhi

Sunday 29 July 2018

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Bakso Rusuk
Five Take-Aways on Shuang Hor Products

1) Lingzhi, the star product, is very effective. It definitely works. It is a matter of dosage and time, depending on the complexity of each case.
2) Lingzhi is multi-functional. As far as I know, Lingzhi has a positive effect on almost all the major diseases in the world. We don't have to worry about wrong prescriptions.
3) Lingzhi is very safe. We don't have to worry about side effects or damages to kidney and liver from long-term consumption.
4) All the other supplementary Shuang Hor products are also very impressive. They perform multiple functions, are natural and can be taken by people of all ages.
5) If a person who is on western medication takes Shuang Hor products at the same time, the effects  and efficacy are very different (as compared to only relying on drugs) and they can even reduce their medication in the long run.


Western medicines only Treat diseases. They do not Prevent diseases. In other words, when you are prescribed with Western drugs, it means you are already suffering from certain disease. You cannot take Western medicines to prevent diseases from happening. But with Lingzhi, you can. You can take Lingzhi at an early stage when the symptoms start to appear - to prevent or delay yourself from being struck by the diseases.


Here are 2 reasons why I take Yung Kien Pollen:

(a) Weight management
Take Yung Kien Pollen and Jia Hor Soya Protein before meals. When your body cells are fed with good nutrients, your body will feel satisfied, or "full", so you won't feel so much hunger pangs during meals. Eating smaller portions during meal time means less calorie.

(b) Reduce stomach bloating
Yung Kien Pollen has a lot of enzymes and coenzymes which can help you digest food faster. You can take 2 sachets before meals. It helps with your digestion.


Healing Reaction: Some people may feel their whole body feels itchy after taking Lingzhi. Why?
Lingzhi enhances the body's detox ability vide the liver and kidney.
Blood circulates faster, thus increasing the detox process.
People who take a lot of steroids in the past will have all the residues still remaining in the body.
Lingzhi will activate the steroids to be pushed out.
During this process, it is normal to feel itchiness or changes in skin colour.


When your heart arteries are blocked, it is common for doctors to advice taking medication or under-going a bypass operation. Some people take this advice because they can claim from insurance.
However, you do know that the clots will return after 1 to 4 years, depending on your lifestyle and dietary habits? Do you want to go for another bypass operation? How many times can you undergo a bypass operation?
Do you also know that you can choose to Bypass the Bypass?
A safe and painless solution is by taking Lingzhi, because Lingzhi helps to breakdown the clots, reduce cholesterol level, improve elasticity of blood vessels and increase the blood circulation.

Big Bowl Ramen
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