Guest Blog: 8 Secrets For All-Day Energy That You Should Know

Sunday 3 June 2018

With busy lives, many people often find themselves feeling drained and tired. However, if you often experience the tiredness caused due to lifestyle choices, there are a few things that you can do in order to increase your levels of energy. The following strategies can help you wake up refreshed and recharged, and boost your energy throughout the day.

How To Boost Your Energy Naturally At Home

Now, in this article, we will show you some of the best ways that can help you boost your energy levels at home.

1. Walk Around The Block

Many people think that walking when the body is exhausted is the quickest way to feel more exhausted, but the fact is opposite. Studies show that increasing physical activity like walking is effective in increasing energy. Walking is accessible and easy to do. You do not need training or have equipment and you can do this kind of physical activity anywhere. According to a study, a 10-minute walk helps increase energy, and the effects can last up to 2 hours. And if you repeat this activity daily for three weeks, your mood and energy levels will be lifted.

2. Reduce Stress And Anger

One of the biggest energy killers is stress, so it is very important to reduce stress when it comes to boosting your energy. According to a study, stress can leave you physically and mentally exhausted. Similarly, unexpressed anger can reduce your energy level when we have to spend all our energy dealing with our angry feelings.

Fortunately, we can deal with these energy killers by performing relaxation activities. Some people increase exercise to burn off the negative effects of anger and stress while others pursue their hobbies such as reading romance novels, playing games, listening to music, or simply chatting with friends.

3. Increase Intake Of Magnesium

Following a balanced diet helps provide your body with enough essential vitamins and minerals. However, if you still feel exhausted, you could be slightly deficient in magnesium, which is needed for biochemical body’s reactions, including converting glucose into energy. So, if you have a magnesium deficiency, your energy can drop.

According to a study, women who are deficient in magnesium had higher heartbeats and needed more oxygen to perform physical tasks. The recommended intake of magnesium per day is about 350mg for men and 300mg for women. To ensure that you get enough magnesium, you can:

• Consume more whole grains, especially bran cereal.
• Include a handful of cashews, almonds, or hazelnuts in your daily diet.
• Consume more fatty fish, especially halibut.
• Eat more seeds, nuts, legumes.
• Consume more greens such as kale, turnip greens, spinach, collard greens and mustard greens.

4. Take A Power Nap

Both pushing the brain too hard and information overload can reduce your energy. And, according to a study, a 60-minute nap can help reverse the negative effects of information overload. Besides, taking a power nap can also help you retain what you have learned.

5. Drink More Water

In some cases, slight dehydration can make you tired and lethargic. A simple solution for that is to sip some cool water. Especially, drinking water is very important to boost energy after you work out, when your body is craving fluids.

6. Cut Down On Alcohol

If you find yourself fatigued even when you have enough sleep, you should try to drink less alcohol during the evening hours. Initially, alcohol can help you fall asleep easily, but it will interfere with your deep sleep and then you will not have enough rest. By keeping away from alcohol before bedtime, you will have a better night's sleep, resulting in more energy the next day.

7. Do Not Skip Breakfast

Studies show that people who eat breakfast have more energy and better mood throughout the day. Besides, other studies found that skipping any other meals during the day could result in a greater feeling of fatigue at the end of the day. Therefore, if you are looking for secrets for all-day energy, you should remember to have at least 3 main meals per day.

8. Drink Herbal Teas

Drinking herbal tea can provide a temporary boost in your levels of energy without worrying about the negative effects of processed ingredients or scary stimulants. Two great options for you are rooibos tea and green tea. Green tea offers many health benefits thanks to anti-aging and antioxidant properties. It is packed with catechin, which helps deal with damage occurring in the body’s cells. Similarly, rooibos tea is also a great option that helps deal with fatigue. This red tea is loaded with a compound called aspalathin, which has been shown to reduce inflammation and deal with oxidative stress.

After reading this article, we hope that you can know some secrets for all-day energy that you should apply at home. If you know other tips on how to boost your energy levels, feel free to share them with others by leaving your comments below.

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