Bits & Bites #199 - Testimonies: Cancer, Migraine, Shoulder Pain and Swollen Testicles

Sunday 4 March 2018

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Testimony: Leukemia Cancer

Ms Y's father was diagnosed with leukaemia 2 years ago, at a very serious stage. He underwent 4 sessions of chemo treatment. He also had blood transfusion twice a week, every week. Despite that, the doctor saw no changes in his white blood cells and thus advised to stop all treatment as he cannot help her father anymore.

It was then that her father started taking Shuang Hor products. He consumed 10 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma2 + 5 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + Yung Kien Pollen + Jia Hor Soya Protein + 1 sachet Lactoberry each time, 3 times a day. After 1 week, when she brought him to the doctor for checkup, the results showed his haemoglobin level went up. The doctor was surprised. After 1 month, the checkup result was even better. Doctor then suggested that he continued with 2 more chemo treatments. But her father decided not to proceed as it caused great sufferings to him and inconveniences to his family members.

After 4 months, his haemoglobin level is totally cleared with no white blood cells. There is no trace of leukaemia in his body. Previously, he had to go every week for treatment. After 1 month of that, doctor said he could go every 2 months once for checkup. The results kept improving. He has better energy, better appetite and can sleep well. After another 6 months, he can live a normal life already. He likes to cook, he can drive around, and he can do gardening and travel to Singapore to visit her brother.


Testimony: Stage 3 Nose Cancer

Ms A found out from her ex-customer that his boss is suffering from Stage 3 nose cancer. He was first diagnosed on 2014. He went to Singapore to remove the tumour and also underwent chemo and radiotherapy. However, in the process, his right inner ear and saliva gland were damaged and he suffered many other side effects. Even after the treatments were over, he still suffered from the side effects and could not do many activities that healthy people can do. He suffered from acid reflux, vertigo that was so severe that caused him to vomit and he was very weak. He had to stop driving due to sudden attacks of vertigo.

He started taking 15 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma2 a day (divided 3 times), for 2 weeks.
His healing reaction started on Day 3, when he vomited continuously for 6 hours. When she visited him, he was so weak that he could not talk and needed assistance to walk to the toilet. Despite that, he did not want to be admitted into the hospital.

By the next morning, he felt somewhat better and observed that this vomiting spell felt different. He said he vomited out something black and he felt very relieved after that as he thought that was the toxin coming out. So despite the discomfort from the vomiting, he decided to continue consuming. Over the first 2 weeks of taking YK2, he already felt that his body was going through a change, which was very encouraging to him. He was introduced to YK1 the following week and over the next few months, included the other products like Yung Kien Pollen, Jia Hor Soya Protein, Vitaking and Lactoberry. He was very diligent and had a lot of trust in the products because he did a lot of research and also attended Dr Chen's talk in 2016. That helped him in his confidence in taking the products.

He experienced tremendous improvements over the 2 years of taking Shuang Hor products. After about 1 year, he was able to drive about safely. His white blood cells count has increased. He could take normal food. He put on weight, which he has been desperately trying to do.


Testimony: Breast Cancer Relapsed and Spread to Brain and Leg

Ms D's friend had breast cancer 9 years ago. She recovered and since then she practiced healthier lifestyle and controlled her diet, ate organic food and exercised regularly. Since this year, she started to feel occasional pain, lower back ache, numbness in her leg and low energy level. Her complexion is not good and she has lost 3 kg.
A check with the doctor confirmed she has terminal cancer where the tumour has spread to the brain and leg, essentially all over the body.
She underwent 5 radiotherapy sessions. The chemo is scheduled to be done in 2-3 weeks, to give time for her body to recover.
She took 40 Yung Kien Ganoderma2 (YK2) on Day 1. As healing reaction, she felt difficulty breathing, the feeling as if she's getting a heart attack, cannot sleep and bloatedness. She also passed out dark smelly stools.
Day 2 - she consumed 12 YK2. She felt much better, and increased her dosage back up on Day 3.
She continued to pass out smelly stools, the gassy feeling has subsided. She also massaged her stomach and pressed on some TCM meridian points area. She has noticed much improvement despite only 3 days.


Testimony: Migraine and Shoulder Pain

Ms LB knows of a 35 year old man who suffered from mild migraine and shoulder pain. He consumed only 2 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma a day for health maintenance. The migraine eased after 6 months and he has good bowel movement.
This man regularly carries a rather heavy bag. One day, when he went swimming, he injured his shoulder. Normally, during such situations, he would go for acupuncture or massage (urut).
But this time, he took 1 sachet Vitaking + 2 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma. There was no more pain the next day. It usually takes him about 1 week to heal.


Testimony: Swollen Testicles

Mr M's 12 year old son's testicles swelled up to about 3 inches in diameter. It looked like a ball and was extremely painful. The doctor suspected it's an infection. He was on antibiotics for a few days already.
Then his mother fed him 20 capsules Yung Kien Ganoderma + 10 sachets Lactoberry a day. At the same time, he applied a paste of Yung Kien Ganoderma + Greenzhi Toothgel on the testicles. He started to have a fever immediately (likely healing reaction). It is good news as his immune system is boosted up. He still went ahead to sit for his UPSR exams.
Day 3 - the swelling has reduced by 50%. The pain subsided.
Day 7 - the swelling is down to only 20-30%.
Then he went for a scan and the doctor said the swelling is caused by blood clot. However, they decided not to feed him with antibiotics to remove the blood clot as the situation has subsided and it is not bacterial infection. The boy feels normal and is energetic. He continues to take 10-12 Yung Kien Ganoderma a day to breakdown the clot. He can reduce his consumption of Lactoberry as it is not immune system problem.
Day 10 - he has pretty much recovered.

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