Exclusive: TCM: The Five Elements Theory - How the 5 Organs Help Each Other

Sunday 10 December 2017

The 5 Organs in our body are associated with 5 Elements. One Organ / Element benefits or generates the next one, going in a clockwise direction.

1. Wood (Liver) generates Fire (Heart) - wood is needed to create fire.

2. Fire (Heart) generates Earth (Spleen) - the wood that is burnt by the fire turns into ash, then clay then mud and back to the earth.

3. Earth (Spleen) generates Metal (Lung) - most metals / minerals are hidden inside the earth.

4. Metal (Lung) generates Water (Kidney) - metal that is melted turns into liquid (water).

5. Water (Kidney) generates Wood (Liver) - plants need water to grow.


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