Exclusive: Healing with Ganoderma: How Lingzhi Helps with Circulation Related Problems (Heart, Cholesterol, Stroke and Blood Pressure)

Sunday 1 October 2017

Ms Wu Tingyao is a news editor and from her interviews with experts on Lingzhi and her own research, she published a book titled Healing with Ganoderma (which is in its 2nd Edition now).

This post is translated from a chapter from this book relating to how Lingzhi helps with our heart and blood circulation related problems..

When a sperm fertilises an egg and a human embryo starts to form, the first thing that grows is the heart and blood vessels (the circulation system). In other words, our life begins with the heart. By taking good care of our heart and circulation system, we can maintain the fundamentals of our health.

Unfortunately, nowadays, many people are hospitalised due to cardiovascular diseases, such as high blood lipids, high blood pressure, hardening of blood vessels, heart attacks and strokes. The age of such patients are getting younger and younger.

Lingzhi is well known for heart and blood vessels protection. About 500 years ago, it was documented in Ben Cao Gang Mu (Compendium of Materia Medica) that Lingzhi helps with blockages in our chest and is beneficial for the blood and chi circulation in our body. Lingzhi penetrates into our heart and bloodstream and is able to promote the circulation of chi and blood in our body.

It was only since the 1970s that Lingzhi started to be studied scientifically. Particularly the scientists from China have learned a lot in terms of Lingzhi's ability to treat cardiovascular diseases including heart attacks, high lipids and high blood pressure. There are a lot of clinical studies showing that after taking Lingzhi for 1-6 months, patients who suffer from these diseases (including heart pain, palpitations, abnormal ECG (heart muscles are damaged), high cholesterol, high triglycerides, high blood pressure, viscous blood, chest tightness, shortness of breathe, headache, giddiness, swelling, water retention, fatigue, cold hands and legs due to bad circulation) show 50-80% improvement.

Testimonies of Lingzhi Treating People with Heart Problems

Case 1

Mrs Woo, 85 years old, suffered from stroke and half of her body was paralysed. The doctor said if her condition does not deteriorate, she should be happy because of her old age. 
But miraculously, 20 days after the stroke, she was able to walk out of the hospital. This was because while waiting for the ambulance to arrive to her house when she got stroke, she was fed with 4 capsules Lingzhi every 2 hours. That is why she was able to recover within 20 days, due to the high dose and immediate consumption.

When the lady was 90 years old, she was interviewed by the author of this book. The author noted that she did not have a second stroke, she can still walk properly and her thoughts are still very clear, despite her age and history.

It was after that interview that the author started to take Lingzhi.


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