Bits & Bites #185 - Business: The Intangible Benefits of Shuang Hor Business - Physical, Mental and Soul

Sunday 24 September 2017

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If you have all the Money in the world and all the Time in the world and are in perfect Health, is the lifestyle you are living right now what you want to have? Is what you're doing right now what you want to do for the next 5 to 10 years? If not, do you know what is important to you and what do you want? Take action because time waits for no one.


If I succeed in Shuang Hor Business, I become the master of my life and a benefactor to others.
Shuang Hor is not just a Business. It is a Life to me.

What are the Intangible Benefits I can have if I choose Shuang Hor Business?
  • I have peace of mind.
  • I have real time freedom.
  • I have good health.
  • I have true friendship.
  • I can enjoy my life.
  • I have time for my family.
  • I can spend more money and effort to do charity and care for the less fortunate people because I have the time and heart to extend my love to them.
  • I can help sick and hopeless patients.
  • My perception about life changes completely from Competitive to Compatible and from Win-Lose to Win-Win.
  • I learn to love people (instead of being self-centred).
  • I feel grateful and happy everyday.

There are 3 things we should take care of in order to help our friends stay long in Shuang Hor Business:

1. Physical, which means Money.
We have commitments and bills to pay. If we don't see results, we may as well look for something else to do. We start to have doubts. If you don't have passion in what you do, work becomes a routine as you don't have the heart to do it. Help your friends achieve their goals. Help them set plans. Equip them to independently do the required activities to get what they want.
Monitor and review their progress.

2. Mental
Feed the minds of our friends so they feel fulfilled. Give them personal growth. If not, their minds become stagnant. When our life is stagnant, our passion dies. We attend meetings to learn about health and wellness, as well as leadership skills and personal development, which help build up our character. If we don't grow as a person, our outer world will also not grow.

3. Soul
We help our friends find out who they are and what they want in life, so they can have a sense of purpose and feel fulfilled. In whatever we do, we aim to make a difference in people's lives. We help them see their own self value and self worth. Sometimes it's our own effort, sometimes it's self discovery by them. We simply create a platform for them to find themselves.


Shuang Hor's education system is a unique system that equips the potential business owners with all the tools, skills and knowledge needed to conduct your business. The Shuang Hor culture promotes harmony and your guiding leaders unselfishly do their best to help you achieve what you want.

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